Executive Order—Modification of Executive Order of May 21, 1887

January 31, 1906

A new survey having been made by First Lieut. James Huston, Tenth Cavalry, of the military reservation of Fort Washakie, Wyo., reserved by Executive order of May 21, 1887 (G.O. No. 37, Headquarters of the Army, A.G.O., May 26, 1887), as determined from the old corner monuments, except that corner II has been moved so as to exclude the part of the reservation encroached upon in the construction of buildings pertaining to the Indian school, the reservation as made by said Executive order of May 21, 1887, is hereby modified, in accordance with said new survey so as to include all lands, and those only, within metes and bounds described as follows:

Commencing at a point 3,861 feet south 2 degrees 30' east of the flagstaff of Fort Washakie, Wyo., and running thence north 75 degrees 30' east, 11,890 feet to corner II; thence north 26 degrees 15' west, 7,060 feet to corner III; thence south 83 degrees 15' west, 13,125 feet to corner IV; thence south 23 degrees 00' west, 6,435 feet to corner V; thence north 87 degrees 45' east, 3,234 feet to corner VI; thence south 61 degrees 30' east, 4,450 feet to corner I, the place of beginning. All bearings are true.

This modification is made subject to the proviso in said Executive order of May 21, 1887, that--

The use and occupancy of the land in question be subject to such right, title, and interest as the Indians have in and to the same, and that it be vacated whenever the interest of the Indians shall require it, upon notice to that effect to the Secretary of War.


The White House,

January 31, 1906.

Theodore Roosevelt, Executive Order—Modification of Executive Order of May 21, 1887 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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