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Executive Order—Call for Troops

June 30, 1862


To the Governors of the several States:

The capture of New Orleans, Norfolk, and Corinth by the national forces has enabled the insurgents to concentrate a large force at and about Richmond, which place we must take with the least possible delay; in fact, there will soon be no formidable insurgent force except at Richmond. With so large an army there, the enemy can threaten us on the Potomac and elsewhere. Until we have reestablished the national authority, all these places must be held, and we must keep a respectable force in front of Washington. But this, from the diminished strength of our Army, by sickness and casualties, renders an addition to it necessary in order to close the struggle which has been prosecuted for the last three months with energy and success. Rather than hazard the misapprehension of our military condition and of groundless alarm by a call for troops by proclamation, I have deemed it best to address you in this form. To accomplish the object stated we require without delay 150,000 men, including those recently called for by the Secretary of War. Thus reenforced our gallant Army will be enabled to realize the hopes and expectations of the Government and the people.


June 28 1862


The undersigned, governors of States of the Union, impressed with the belief that the citizens of the States which they respectively represent are of one accord in the hearty desire that the recent successes of the Federal arms may be followed up by measures which must insure the speedy restoration of the Union, and believing that, in view of the present state of the important military movements now in progress and the reduced condition of our effective forces in the field, resulting from the usual and unavoidable casualties in the service, the time has arrived for prompt and vigorous measures to be adopted by the people in support of the great interests committed to your charge, respectfully request, if it meets with your entire approval, that you at once call upon the several States for such number of men as may be required to fill up all military organizations now in the field, and add to the armies heretofore organized such additional number of men as may, in your judgment, be necessary to garrison and hold all the numerous cities and military positions that have been captured by our armies, and to speedily crush the rebellion that still exists in several of the Southern States, thus practically restoring to the civilized world our great and good Government. All believe that the decisive moment is near at hand, and to that end the people of the United States are desirous to aid promptly in furnishing all reenforcements that you may deem needful to sustain our Government.

ISRAEL WASHBURN, Jr., Governor of Maine; H. S. BERRY, Governor of New Hampshire; FREDERICKHOLBROOK, Governor of Vermont: WILLIAM A. BUCKINGHAM, Governor of Connecticut: E. D. MORGAN, Governor of New York; CHARLES S. OLDEN, Governor of New Jersey; A. G. CURTIN, Governor of Pennsylvania; A. W. BRADFORD, Governor of Maryland; F. H. PEIRPOINT, Governor of Virgnia; AUSTIN BLAIR, Governor of Michigan; J. B. TEMPLE, President Military Board of Kentucky; ANDREW JOHNSON, Governor of Tennessee: H. R. GAMBLE, Governor of Missouri; O. P. MORTON, Governor of Indiana; DAVID TODD, Governor of Ohio: ALEXANDER RAMSEY, Governor of Minnesota; RICHARD YATES, Governor of Illinois; EDWARD SALOMON, Governor of Wisconsin.

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