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Executive Order 9927—Restoring Certain Lands to the Jurisdiction of the Territory of Hawaii

January 17, 1948

WHEREAS by Executive Order No. 174 of the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, dated December 13, 1924, certain lands situated near the Hilo Breakwater, Waiakea South Hilo, Hawaii, were set aside for the use of the United States Navy Department; and

WHEREAS these lands are no longer needed for the use of the Navy Department, and it is deemed advisable and in the public interest that they be restored to the use of the Territory of Hawaii:

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me by section 91 of the act of April 30, 1900, 31 Stat. 159, as amended by section 7 of the act of May 27, 1910, 36 Stat. 447, and as President of the United States, it is ordered that the following-described land at Waiakea-Kai near Hilo Breakwater, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, be, and it is hereby, restored to the jurisdiction of the Territory of Hawaii:

Beginning at a spike in concrete at the Northwest corner of this piece at seashore, the coordinates of said point of beginning referred to Government Survey Triangulation Station "Halai" being 5387.63 feet North and 15589.78 feet East, as shown on Government Survey Registered Map NO. 2539, and running by true azimuths:

1. Along seashore along highwater mark to the Northwest corner of the proposed United States Military Reservation, the direct azimuth and distance being 246°32'40" 59.19 feet;

2. 318°30' 133.3 feet along proposed United States Military Reservation;

3. 228°45; 224.4 feet along same;

4. 279°55' 118.3 feet along same;

5. 288°39' 401.6 feet along same;

6. 331°58' 390.0 feet along same;

7. 63°54' 597.28 feet along North side of Keaukaha Road;

8. 153°54' 422.96 feet along land owned by the Territory of Hawaii;

9. 138°30' 406.3 feet along same to the point of beginning; containing 8.82 acres.



January 17, 1948

Harry S Truman, Executive Order 9927—Restoring Certain Lands to the Jurisdiction of the Territory of Hawaii Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/278492

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