Franklin D. Roosevelt

Executive Order 7373—Establishing the Desert Game Range, Nevada

May 20, 1936

By virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me as President of the United States and by the Act of June 25, 1910, ch. 421, 36 Stat. 847, as amended by the Act of August 24, 1912, ch. 369, 37 Stat. 497, and subject to the conditions therein expressed and to all valid existing rights, it is ordered that the following-described lands, insofar as title thereto is in the United States, be, and they are hereby, withdrawn from settlement, location, sale, or entry and reserved and set apart for the conservation and development of natural wildlife resources and for the protection and improvement of public grazing lands and natural forage resources: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall restrict prospecting, locating, developing, mining, entering, leasing, or patenting the mineral resources of the lands under the applicable laws: Provided further, That any lands within the described area which are otherwise withdrawn or reserved will be affected hereby only insofar as may be consistent with the uses and purposes for which such prior withdrawal or reservation was made: And provided further, That upon the termination of any private right to, or appropriation of, any public lands within the exterior limits of the area included in this order, or upon the revocation of prior withdrawals unless expressly otherwise provided in the order of revocation, the lands involved shall become part of this preserve:



Ts. 9 to 20 S., inclusive, R. 54 E., those parts in Lincoln and Clark Counties;

Ts. 9 to 20 S., inclusive, R. 55 E., exclusive of Dixie National Forest;

Ts. 13 to 16 S., inclusive, R. 55 1/2 E;

Ts. 9 to 21 S., inclusive, Rs. 56 and 57 E., exclusive of Dixie National Forest;

Ts. 9 to 21 S., inclusive, R. 58 E.;

Ts. 9 to 16 S., inclusive, Rs. 59 to 62 E., inclusive.

This range or preserve, insofar as it relates to conservation and development of wildlife, shall be under the joint jurisdiction of the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture, and they shall have power jointly to make such rules and regulations for its protection, administration, regulation, and improvement, and for the removal and disposition of surplus game animals, as they may deem necessary to accomplish its purposes, and the range, or preserve, insofar as it relates to the public grazing lands and natural forage resources thereof, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior, if and when said lands are included in a grazing district duly established, pursuant to the provisions of the Act of June 28, 1934: Provided, however, That the natural forage resources therein shall be first utilized for the purpose of sustaining in a healthy condition a maximum of one thousand eight hundred (1,800) Nelson's mountain sheep, the primary species and such nonpredatory secondary species in such numbers as may be necessary to maintain a balanced wildlife population, but in no case shall the consumption of forage by the combined population of the wildlife species be allowed to increase the burden of the range dedicated to the primary species: Provided further, That with the exception of lands purchased for wildlife conservation purposes all the lands embraced in this range or preserve may be included within a grazing district established under authority of the Act of June 28, 1934, ch. 865, 48 Stat. 1269, or as such act may hereafter be amended, and except as otherwise provided with respect to wildlife, all of the forage resources within this range or preserve shall then be available for domestic livestock under rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary of the Interior under the authority of that act: And provided further, That land within the exterior limits of the area herein described acquired and to be acquired by the United States for the use of the Department of Agriculture for conservation of migratory birds and other wildlife, shall be and remain under the exclusive administration of the Secretary of Agriculture and may be utilized for public grazing purposes only to such extent as may be determined by the said Secretary to be compatible with the utilization of said lands for the purposes for which they were acquired as aforesaid under regulations prescribed by him.

Executive Order No. 6910, of November 26, 1934, withdrawing for classification and other purposes all vacant, unreserved and unappropriated public lands in the State of Nevada, and certain other States, as amended by Executive Orders No. 7048, of May 20, 1935, and No. 7235, of November 26, 1935, is hereby further amended to exclude from the provisions of that order as amended the above-described lands.

This preserve shall be known as the Desert Game Range.

Signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt

May 20, 1936.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order 7373—Establishing the Desert Game Range, Nevada Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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