Franklin D. Roosevelt

Executive Order 6678—Making Provision for a Clause in Codes of Fair Competition Relating to Collection of Expenses of Code Administration

April 14, 1934

By virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me under the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act of June 16, 1933 (ch. 90, 48 Stat. 195), and in order to effectuate the purposes of said Title, I hereby order that the following clause or any appropriate modification thereof shall become effective as a part of any code of fair competition approved under said Title, upon application therefor (1) pursuant to the provisions of the code relating to amendments thereto or (2) by one or more trade or industrial associations or groups truly representative of the trade or industry or subdivision thereof covered by the code, if the Administrator for Industrial Recovery shall find that approval by him of such clause is necessary in order to effectuate the policy of Title I of said Act:

1. It being found necessary, in order to support the administration of this Code and to maintain the standards of fair competition established by this Code and to effectuate the policy of the Act, the Code Authority is authorized, subject to the approval of the Administrator:

(a) To incur such reasonable obligations as are necessary and proper for the foregoing purposes and to meet such obligations out of funds which may be raised as hereinafter provided and wliich shall be held in trust for the purposes of the Code;

(b) To submit to the Administrator for his approval, subject to such notice and opportunity to be heard as he may decin necessary, (1) an itemized budget of its estimated expenses for the foregoing purposes, and (2) an equitable basis upon which the funds necessary to support such budget shall be contributed by members of the Industry;

(c) After such budget and basis of contribution have been approved by the Administrator, to determine and secure equitable contribution as above set forth by all such members of the Industry, and to that end, if necessary, to institute legal proceedings therefor in its own name.

2. Only members of the Industry complying with the Code and contributing to the expenses of its administration as provided in Section 1 hereof shall be entitled to participate in the selection of the members of the Code Authority or to receive the benefit of its voluntary activities or to make use of any emblem or insignia of the National Recovery Administration.

Signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Approval Recommended:
     Hugh S Johnson, Administrator.
          By G. A. Lynch,
               Administrative Officer.

The White House,
April 14, 1934.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order 6678—Making Provision for a Clause in Codes of Fair Competition Relating to Collection of Expenses of Code Administration Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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