Franklin D. Roosevelt

Executive Order 6225—Central Statistical Board

July 27, 1933

Pursuant to the authority vested in me by Titles I and II, the National Industrial Recovery Act, Public No. 67, 73d Congress, I hereby establish a Central Statistical Board to formulate standards for and to effect coordination of the statistical services of the Federal Government incident to the purposes of that act. The Board shall consist of one representative designated by each of the following officers from one of the statistical agencies under his direction:

     The Secretary of the Interior
     The Secretary of Agriculture
     The Secretary of Commerce
     The Secretary of Labor
     The Governor of the Federal Reserve Board
     The National Industrial Recovery Administrator

and one representative to be designated by the Committee on Government Statistics and Information Services created at the invitation of the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor; and such other members as the President may designate or the Board may invite from time to time for full or limited membership.

The Board shall have the power to appraise and advise upon all schedules of all Government agencies engaged in the primary collection of statistics required in carrying out the purposes of the National Industrial Recovery Act, to review plans for tabulation and classification of such statistics, and to promote the coordination and improvement of the statistical services involved.

The power to appoint such officers, agents and employees as it may require, is hereby delegated to the Central Statistical Board, and the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works is hereby directed to allot to the Central Statistical Board the sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) to carry out its functions.

Signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The White House,
July 27, 1933.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order 6225—Central Statistical Board Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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