Franklin D. Roosevelt

Executive Order 6202-A—Executive Council

July 11, 1933

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Acts of Congress respectively entitled, "An Act for the relief of unemployment through the performance of useful public work, and for other purposes," approved March 31, 1933 (Public No. 5, 73d Congress), and "An Act to encourage national industrial recovery, to foster fair competition, and to provide for the construction of certain useful public works, and for other purposes," approved June 16, 1933 (Public No. 67, 73d Congress), and in order to provide for the orderly presentation of business and to coordinate inter-agency problems of organization and work of the new governmental agencies, therefore:

1. I hereby appoint a temporary Executive Council consisting of the following:

The President of the United States
The Secretary of State
The Secretary of the Treasury
The Secretary of War
The Attorney General
The Postmaster General
The Secretary of the Navy
The Secretary of the Interior
The Secretary of Agriculture
The Secretary of Commerce
The Secretary of Labor
The Director of the Budget
The Administrator of National Recovery
The Administrator of Agricultural Adjustment
The Administrator of Federal Emergency Relief
The Federal Coordinator of Transportation
The Governor of the Farm Credit Administration
The Chairman of the Board of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation
The Chairman of the Board of the Home Owners Loan Corporation
The Chairman of the Board of the Tennessee Valley Authority
The Director of Emergency Conservation Work
The Secretary to the President The Hon. L. W. Robert, Jr.,
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
The Executive Secretary

and such other members as the President may designate.

In the absence of the President, the senior Cabinet Member present shall preside at the meetings of this Executive Council, which shall be held each Tuesday at 2:00 o'clock, p.m., in the Cabinet Chamber of the White House.

2. I hereby appoint Frank C. Walker to exercise temporarily the office of Executive Secretary of the Executive Council, subject to such duties as may be prescribed him by the President.

3. The Executive Secretary is hereby authorized to purchase such necessary equipment, books and materials, and to employ such necessary personnel on a temporary basis, as may be approved by the President; and the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works is hereby directed to allot to the Executive Secretary the necessary funds for such disbursements as are hereby authorized, subject to the approval of the Director of the Budget.

Signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The White House,
July 11, 1933.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order 6202-A—Executive Council Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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