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Executive Order 5644—Designation of Unhealthful Posts in the Foreign Service

June 08, 1931

Under and pursuant to the provisions of section 26, paragraph (k), of the act of Congress approved February 23, 1931 (46 Stat. 1212), which paragraph reads as follows:

"(k) The President is authorized from time to time to establish, by Executive order, a list of places which by reason of climatic or other extreme conditions are to be classed as unhealthful posts, and each year of duty subsequent to January 1, 1900, at such posts inclusive of regular leaves of absence, of officers already retired or hereafter retired, shall be counted as one year and a half, and so on in like proportion in reckoning the length of service for the purpose of retirement, fractional months being considered as full months in computing such service: Provided, however, That the President may at any time cancel the designation of any places as unhealthful without affecting any credit which has accrued for service at such posts prior to the date of the cancellation."

the following places, which include those heretofore established as unhealthful posts for the purpose of retirement, under the act of May 24, 1924, by Executive orders dated April 1, 1925, October 20, 1927, November 28, 1927, and April 10, 1930, which Executive orders are hereby canceled, such cancellation to be effective July 1, 1931, are hereby established as unhealthful posts for the purposes of retirement within the meaning of the law above quoted, which supersedes the act of May 24, 1924:

Acapulco, Mexico

La Guaira, Venezuela

Aden, Arabia

La Paz, Bolivia

Alvaro Obregon (Frontera), Mexico

Léopoldville, Belgian Congo

Amoy, China

Loanda, Angola

Antilla, Cuba

Lourenço Marques, East Africa

Asunci6n, Paraguay

Madras, India

Baghdad, Iraq

Managua, Nicaragua

Bahia, Brazil

Manaos, Brazil

Bangkok, Siam

Manzanillo, Cuba

Barranquilla, Colombia

Manzanillo, Mexico

Batavia, Java

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Belize, British Honduras

Martinique, French

Bluefields, Nicaragua

     West Indies

Bombay, India

Matanzas, Cuba

Buenaventura, Colombia

Maza tian, Mexico

Caibarien, Cuba

Medan, Sumatra

Calcutta, India

Monrovia, Liberia

Canton, China

Nanking, China

Cartagena, Colombia

Nuevitas, Cuba

Ceiba, Honduras

Para, Brazil

Changsha, China

Penang, Straits Settlements

Chungldng, China

Pernambuco, Brazil

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Port Limon, Costa Rica

Colombo, Ceylon

Progreso, Mexico

Corinto, Nicaragua

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Dakar, Senegal

Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

Foochow, China

Puerto Castilla, Honduras

Georgetown, British Guiana

Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Puerto Plata, Dominican

Guaymas, Mexico


Habana, Cuba

Rangoon, India

Hankow, China

Sagua la Grande, Cuba

Hong Kong

Saigon, French Indo-China

Karachi, India

Salina Cruz, Mexico

Lagos, Nigeria

Santa Marta, Colombia

Santiago, Cuba

Swatow, China

Santo Domingo, Dominican

Taihoku, Taiwan


Tampico, Mexico

Shanghai, China

Tananarive, Madagascar

Singapore, Straits

Tela, Honduras


Vera Cruz, Mexico

Surabaya, Java


This order shall become effective July 1, 1931.

Signature of Herbert Hoover

The White House,
June 8, 1931.

Herbert Hoover, Executive Order 5644—Designation of Unhealthful Posts in the Foreign Service Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/361780

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