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Executive Order 3773—Federal Council of Citizenship Training

January 12, 1923

There is hereby created the Federal Council of Citizenship Training. The membership of this Council shall consist of one representative and one alternate appointed as designated below from each of the following Federal offices:

I. The Department of the Interior, (Bureau of Education) appointed by the Secretary of Interior. 2. The War Department, (Operations & Training Division, General Staff) appointed by the Secretary of War. 3. The Navy Department, (Educational Section, Bureau of Navigation) appointed by the Secretary of Navy. 4. The Treasury Department, (Public Health Service) appointed by the Secretary of Treasury. 5. The Post Office Department, (Welfare Division) appointed by the Postmaster General. 6. The Department of Agriculture, (States Relations Service) appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. 7. The Department of Labor, (Naturalization Bureau) appointed by the Secretary of Labor. 8. The Federal Board for Vocational Education, appointed by the Chairman of the Board. 9. The U. S. Veterans Bureau, (Rehabilitation Division) appointed by the Director of the Bureau. 10. The Department of State, appointed by the Secretary of State. 11. The Department of Justice, appointed by the Attorney General. 12. The Department of Commerce, appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.

An alternate may attend the meetings of the Council and shall attend whenever the member from his office is unable to be present.

The first meeting of the Council will be held on Friday, January 26, 1923, at 2 P.M. in Room 241, State, War and Navy Building. Subsequent meetings shall be held not less than once a month at times and places designated by the Council.

The Council shall elect its own officers and determine its own procedure. It shall not report as a body to any one Federal office; but each member shall report its findings and recommendations to his own Department head through usual channels for consideration and action.

The duties of the Council are to make constructive suggestions as to how the Federal offices may cooperate to secure more effective citizenship training, both in their own work and in cooperation with all other public and private agencies throughout the country. The facilities of all Federal offices shall be available as far as is practicable to further the work of the Council.


THE WHITE HOUSE, January 12, 1923.

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