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Executive Order 3182—Conditions of Employment for the Permanent Force for the Panama Canal

November 25, 1919

The White House, November 25, 1919.

By virtue of the authority vested in me by law, Section 3 of an Executive Order providing conditions of employment for the permanent force of the Panama Canal, issued February 2, 1914, is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

3. The compensation and conditions of employment of persons employed in the United States will be specified in the appointments. The compensation of such persons will begin upon date of embarkation at port of departure from the United States, and they will be granted free transportation from port of departure, including meals on the steamer, but no compensation or expenses for the journey to the port; but former employees from the United States whose services were terminated other than on account of reduction of force, and whose next preceding service with The Panama Canal was less than one year, shall be paid only from date of entry into the service on the Isthmus, and will be allowed only such reduced rates of transportation to the Isthmus as may be available for Government employees.

Employees appointed at an hourly rate will be paid for the period of transit to the Isthmus on the basis of an eight-hour day exclusive of Sundays. Except in case of discharge or other separation from the service beyond the employees control, payment of salary from date of embarkation to date of arrival on the Isthmus will not be made unless service on the Isthmus continues for thirty days.

This order shall take effect on and after this date.


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