Chester A. Arthur

Executive Order

February 26, 1885



Washington, D.C., February 26, 1885.

Attention is called to the following section of the act of May 17, 1884, entitled "An act providing a civil government for Alaska:"

"SEC. 14. That the provisions of chapter 3, Title XXIII, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to the unorganized Territory of Alaska, shall remain in full force except as herein specially otherwise provided; and the importation, manufacture, and sale of intoxicating liquors in said district, except for medicinal, mechanical, and scientific purposes, is hereby prohibited under the penalties which are provided in section 1955 of the Revised Statutes for the wrongful importation of distilled spirits; and the President of the United States shall make such regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this section."

To enforce this section of law the following regulations are prescribed:

No intoxicating liquors shall be landed at any port or place in said Territory without a permit from the chief officer of the customs at such port or place, to be issued upon evidence satisfactory to such officer that the liquors are imported and are to be used solely for medicinal, mechanical, and scientific purposes.

No person shall manufacture or sell intoxicating liquors within the Territory of Alaska without first having obtained a license from the governor of said Territory, to be issued upon evidence satisfactory to that officer that the making and sale of such liquor will be conducted strictly in accordance with the requirements of the statute.

Any intoxicating liquors imported, manufactured, or sold within the limits of said Territory in violation of these regulations, and the persons engaged in such violation, will be dealt with in the manner prescribed in section 1955 of the Revised Statutes; and the governor of Alaska and the officers of the customs at any port or place in the United States from which intoxicating liquors may be shipped to that Territory, as well as officers of the United States within that Territory, are hereby authorized respectively to exact, in their discretion, a bond of the character mentioned in section 1955, Revised Statutes, from the master or mate of any vessel and from the persons in such Territory to whom the liquors may be sent.

The penalty prescribed by section 1955, Revised Statutes, for violation of the law is a fine not exceeding $500, or imprisonment not more than six months, and the forfeiture of the vessel bringing the merchandise and her cargo, together with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, where the value of the merchandise exceeds $400. Where the value does not exceed $400, the penalty is forfeiture of the merchandise.

The proper officers within the Territory are charged with the execution of the law and these regulations. Intoxicating liquors forfeited under the provisions of this act will be subject to sale under the same provisions of law as govern the sale of other goods that may have become liable to forfeiture, but will only be delivered for removal beyond the limits of the Territory.

H. MCCULLOCH, Secretary.



Chester A. Arthur, Executive Order Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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