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Executive Order

October 10, 1900

On and after October 15, 1900, there shall be detailed on the staff of the Military Governor of the Islands of the Philippine Archipelago as chief of the quarantine service established by Executive Order of January 3, 1900, a commissioned officer of the Marine Hospital Service who shall on the first day of the month, and at such other periods as may be directed by the Military Governor submit to the Military Governor a detailed estimate of the quarantine expenses of the said Islands of the Philippine Archipelago. After the approval of such estimate by the Military Governor the Chief Quarantine officer shall make requisition for the funds required in favor of the disbursing officer or agent of the Treasury Department who shall pay the bills and vouchers on account of the quarantine service upon the certificate of an officer detailed under Executive Order of January 3, 1900 (said order being still in force except as herein mentioned), and after approval by the Chief Quarantine officer. The disbursing officer or agent shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury as soon as practicable, and shall render his accounts of such disbursements in accordance with the rules and instructions to carry into effect the Executive Order of May 8, 1899, relative to the military government of the United States in the Islands of the Philippine Archipelago during the maintenance of such government.


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