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Executive Order

May 06, 1899

By virtue of the authority vested in me as Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, I hereby order and direct that during the maintenance of Military Government of the United States in the Island of Cuba and all Islands in the West Indies, west of the 74th degree west longitude, evacuated by Spain, there are hereby created and shall be maintained the offices of the Auditor of the Islands, one Assistant Auditor for auditing the accounts for the Department of Customs, and one Assistant Auditor for auditing the accounts of the Department of Postoffices who shall be appointed by the Secretary of War and whose duties shall be to audit all accounts of the Islands.

There is hereby created and shall be maintained the office of Treasurer of the Islands which shall be filled by the appointment thereto of an officer of the regular army of the United States. The Treasurer of the Islands shall receive and keep all moneys arising from the revenues of the Islands and shall disburse or transfer the same only upon warrants issued by the Auditor of the Islands and countersigned by the Governor-General.

All rules and instructions necessary to carry into effect the provisions of Executive Orders relating to said Islands shall be issued by the Secretary of War.


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