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Executive Order

January 03, 1900

To prevent the introduction of epidemic diseases, it is ordered that provisions of the act of Congress, approved February 15, 1893, entitled, "An act granting additional quarantine powers and imposing additional duties upon the Marine Hospital Service," and all rules and regulations heretofore or hereafter prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury under that act are to be given full force and effect in the Philippine Islands in so far as they are applicable, and the following additional rules and regulations are hereby promulgated:

The examination in ports of the Philippine Islands of incoming and outgoing vessels, and the necessary surveillance over their sanitary condition as well as of cargo, officers, crew and all personal effects is vested in and will be conducted by the Marine Hospital Service, and Medical Officers of that service will be detailed by the Secretary of the Treasury as Quarantine Officers at Ports of Manila and Iloilo immediately and at other ports in the Philippine Islands as soon as practicable or necessary.

Quarantine Officers shall have authority over incoming vessels, their wharfage and anchorage in so far as it is necessary for the proper enforcement of the quarantine regulations, including vessels of the Army Transport Service and non-combatant vessels of the Navy.

Collectors of Customs at ports of entry will not permit entry with out quarantine certificates.

Any vessel leaving any port in the Philippine Islands for any port in the United States or its Dependencies shall obtain a bill of health from the quarantine officer when such officer is on duty, said bill of health to correspond to the Consular Bill of Health now required by Treasury Regulations, and the bill of health shall not be given to the outgoing vessel unless all quarantine regulations have been complied with. At ports where no medical officer is detailed, bills of health will be signed by the Collector of Customs or other officers to whom such duty has been regularly delegated. Special regulations relating to the bills of health to be obtained by vessels of the United States Navy will be promulgated by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The Medical Officer detailed under this order as Quarantine Officer at the Port of Manila shall be the Chief Quarantine Officer for the Philippine Islands. It shall be his duty to make appointments and removals from the service in the Philippines (subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury), and shall authorize necessary expenditures under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

The regulations for the government of the Marine Hospital Service shall, so far as practicable, have force and effect in the management of the Quarantine service in the Philippine Islands.

The expenses of the Quarantine service will be charged against the revenues of the islands, and a sum not to exceed three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) in each fiscal year is hereby set aside from the revenues collected in said islands for this purpose. The expenses shall be paid therefrom upon a certificate of a detailed quarantine officer and upon the approval of the Chief Officer for the Philippine Islands.

The Chief Quarantine Officer shall render a report on the last day of each month to the supervising Surgeon General in the Marine Hospital Service, who will issue to him necessary instructions.

The Epidemic Fund will be reimbursed from the revenues of the islands for the cost of this undertaking, plans and materials ordered to be forwarded to the islands prior to the date of this order.


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