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Executive Order

November 04, 1899

In furtherance of interchange between those absent in the service of their country and their families at home, it is hereby ordered that packages and parcels of mailable matter and containing only articles desired as gifts and souvenirs, and so marked, and with no commercial purpose, and not for sale, from Officers, Soldiers and Sailors serving in the Army and Navy and other persons employed in the Civil Service of the United States, in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippine Islands and Cuba addressed to members of their families in the United States, or packages of the same personal character addressed from the United States to Officers, Soldiers, Sailors and others in the Public Service in said Islands may be sent through the mails, subject only to the domestic postal regulations of the United States.

The details of the execution of this order with all necessary safeguards will devolve on the Secretary of War and Postmaster-General.


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