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Executive Order 11599—Establishing a Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention

June 17, 1971

Drug abuse has assumed alarming proportions in recent times and its spread must be reversed forthwith.

I have sent a special message to the Congress urging the prompt enactment of legislation creating a new Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention within the Executive Office of the President. This office will mobilize and concentrate the comprehensive resources of the Federal Government in an all out campaign to meet this threat. However, immediate action must be taken to place the leadership of our drug abuse effort under a single official who will coordinate existing Federal drug abuse programs and activities, and develop plans for increasing our future efforts.

Now, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is ordered as follows:


SECTION 1. There is hereby established in the Executive Office of the President a Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention. The Office shall be under the immediate supervision and direction of a Director, who shall be designated by the President.


SEC. 2 (a) The Director shall be the special representative of the President with respect to all Federal drug abuse training, education, rehabilitation, research, treatment, and prevention programs and activities (exclusive of law enforcement activities and legal proceedings).

(b) The Director shall prescribe policies, guidelines, standards, and criteria for the maximum achievement of the goals and objectives for those programs and activities. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Federal officers and Federal departments and agencies shall cooperate with the Director in carrying out his functions under this Order and shall comply with the policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures prescribed by the Director pursuant to this subsection.

(c) In addition, the Director shall

(1) develop comprehensive plans and programs to combat drug abuse including goals and objectives therefor;

(2) assure that all Federal drug abuse programs and activities are properly coordinated;

(3) evaluate all such programs;

(4) advise the heads of departments and agencies of his findings and recommendations, when appropriate;

(5) make recommendations to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget concerning proposed funding of drug abuse programs;

(6) establish a clearing house for the prompt consideration of drug abuse problems brought to his attention by Federal departments and agencies and by other public and private entities, organizations, agencies, or individuals; and

(7) report to the President, from time to time, concerning the foregoing.


SEC. 3 (a) Expenses of the Special Office for Drug Abuse Prevention shall be paid from the appropriation under the heading "Special Projects," in the Executive Office Appropriation Act, 1971, or any corresponding appropriations which may be made for subsequent fiscal years or from such other appropriated funds as may be available therefor.

(b) The General Services Administration shall provide, on a reimbursable basis, such administrative services and facilities for the Director and the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention as the Director may request.


The White House

June 17, 1971

NOTE: For the President's message to the Congress on drug abuse prevention and control, see page 931 of this issue. For the remarks of the President upon transmitting the message, see page 930.

Richard Nixon, Executive Order 11599—Establishing a Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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