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Exchange With Reporters

January 24, 1991

Meeting With Republican Leaders

Q. Mr. President, do you subscribe to Mr. Yeutter's suggestion that the vote against the war resolution be an issue in the next election?

The President. We're here today to talk about a wide array of issues. This is my first meeting, formal meeting, with the Republican leadership. We've been in touch on the Hill, obviously, because of the Gulf, with the Democrats and Republicans. But we're moving forward now towards a new domestic agenda that's going to require a lot of legislation, and that's what the subject matter here is. We will have a briefing on the number one issue of the day, the Gulf crisis. We'll probably be talking about events inside the Soviet Union that concern all of us, Democrats and Republican alike. And then we'll focus in on the domestic agenda. And that's the last question I'll answer.

Thank you all very much.

Secretary Yeutter. And you need a little more precision on what Mr. Yeutter said. [Laughter]

Q. What did you say?

Secretary Yeutter. We'll tell you about that later.

Q. -- -- that you said it, Mr. Yeutter. Is that a not -- is he misquoting you, sir?

Secretary Yeutter. I will have more to say on that 4 weeks from now.

Q. Why wait that long?

Q. Four weeks?

Q. Truth should be told immediately.

Note: This exchange began at 10:05 a.m. in the Cabinet Room at the White House. Secretary of Agriculture Clayton K. Yeutter was nominated to be chairman of the Republican National Committee. A tape was not available for verification of the content of this exchange.

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