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Exchange of Messages With the Shah of Iran.

February 13, 1963

[ Released February 13, 1963. Dated January 29, 1963 ]

His Imperial Majesty, The Shahanshah of Iran:

Congratulations on your victory in the historic referendum on Saturday. Vice President Johnson, following his visit to Iran last August, told me of the warm reception accorded him by your people and their determination to advance and modernize on a broad front. It is therefore all the more gratifying to learn that a vast majority has supported your leadership in a clear and open expression of their will. This demonstration of support should renew your confidence in the rightness of your course and strengthen your resolve to lead Iran to further achievements in the struggle to better the lot of your people.


Note: The Shah's reply, dated January 31, 1963, follows:
To the President of the United States of America:

Many thanks for your kind congratulations. The result of the referendum does indeed reflect the wholehearted approval of my fundamental reforms by the well-nigh unanimous vote of the people of Iran. It has increased the faith I have always had in their power of discrimination and their support of my determination to raise their standard of life.

Although we pride ourselves in our glorious past history, we are especially looking to the future trying to march abreast of the most free and happy progressive nations of the world. I know that in the implementation of our social and economic development we can count on the sympathy of our American friends.
With high esteem.

John F. Kennedy, Exchange of Messages With the Shah of Iran. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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