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Exchange of Messages With the President of Chile Concerning U.S. Assistance in the Chilean Flood Disaster.

August 17, 1965

[Released August 17, 1965. Dated August 15, 1965] Mr. President:

My deep sympathy and that of the people of the United States goes out to you and the Chilean people as you move to relieve human suffering following in the wake of the second natural catastrophe which has struck your country this year.

I am proud to tell you that the people of the United States through the various U.S. private relief agencies, church world service, Catholic relief services (Caritas), CARE and others in cooperation with various public agencies are responding rapidly to the emergency in Chile.

An initial shipment of blankets, clothes and medicines will be arriving in Chile on Tuesday to be followed by other supplies in the coming days.

We are anxious and our hearts are saddened this Sunday at the disaster which has struck your country but with God's help and fraternal assistance we are confident that the Chilean people will overcome these difficulties.


[His Excellency, Eduardo Frei Montalva, President, Republic of Chile]

Note: President Frei Montalva's letter, dated August 16, 1965, follows: Mr. President:

I have just this moment received your letter in which you express the solidarity of the people of the United States before the new test which faces the Chilean people. Your words of encouragement and solidarity are deeply appreciated by our people and by me.

Once again, Mr. President, the United States Government and nation, through their institutions, are expressing their effective and generous solidarity in the face of the catastrophes which are affecting us. The Chilean people do not forget and will not forget that on every occasion you have contributed unhesitatingly to alleviate the sufferings of many thousands of affected families, whether it be the result of an earthquake or in this case, a rainstorm.

I wish to tell you that despite these two great difficulties which we have experienced during the course of the year, the will and determination of the people and government are unbroken and we are confident that we shall overcome them, and that they will even serve as a stimulus for our will and will secure the unity and solidarity of all Chileans.

Once again I reiterate to you, Mr. President, in the name of my country and in my own, the expressions of our appreciation together with my most cordial greetings.


[His Excellency, Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States of America]

Lyndon B. Johnson, Exchange of Messages With the President of Chile Concerning U.S. Assistance in the Chilean Flood Disaster. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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