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Exchange of Messages With President Paz Estenssoro of Bolivia.

July 08, 1961

[Released July 8, 1961 Dated June 22, 1961]

Dear Mr. President:

I have asked Ambassador Stephansky to convey to you my personal best wishes.

The program of cooperation which we have already initiated will, I trust, be only the first step in a continuing relationship of mutual respect and assistance. The government of the United States regards the economic and social development of Bolivia as one of the principal goals of the Alliance for Progress. We are firmly committed to continue to assist your efforts to promote the welfare of the Bolivian people and to achieve in freedom the fundamental aspiration of this historic Bolivian revolution.

I have requested Ambassador Stephansky to relay my deep admiration for your courage and vision in confronting the difficulties which your nation is now undergoing, and to wish you every success.

With warmest personal regards, I am



Note: President Paz' reply, dated June 29, follows: Dear Mr. President:

I have had the pleasure of receiving from Ambassador Stephansky your cordial and thoughtful letter.

I see that you understand the aspirations of the Bolivian people, and I share your idea that the program of cooperation already initiated is only the beginning of a new and auspicious period of closer collaboration between Bolivia and the United States, within a friendly relationship of mutual respect and assistance.

The joint effort of our two nations can make a success, in my country, of the plan of the Alliance for Progress which the continent has received with lively enthusiasm, seeing in it the hope of overcoming underdevelopment in a climate of freedom and social justice.

I value your accurate appraisal of the struggle in which my people are engaged to achieve a better and more fitting standard of living. My government is resolved steadfastly to continue the process of the Bolivian revolution, surmounting all existing obstacles, to the end of achieving fully its aims of collective well-being and emancipation.

In my first personal contact with Ambassador Stephansky, upon the occasion of receiving his letters of credence, I was able to recognize his high intellectual qualities as well as his sincere concern for our problems. I am confident that his mission will be fruitful for both our countries.

I reciprocate your thoughtful greetings with the expression of my sincere friendship.
Cordially yours,

John F. Kennedy, Exchange of Messages With President Paz Estenssoro of Bolivia. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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