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Exchange of Messages Between the President and the President of the Philippine Republic, on Bataan Day.

April 09, 1956

His Excellency

Ramon Magsaysay

President of the Philippine Republic

I send greetings, on the behalf of the people of the United States, to our friends in the Philippines on this day of memories and dedication. It is fitting that Bataan Day should be the chosen time to commemorate Philippine-American friendship for it reminds us of the unity that was ours in times of stress and trial.

The ensuing fourteen years have brought ever-increasing understanding and cooperation. This year you will mark the tenth anniversary of the independence of your nation. We can be justly proud of the example of international brotherhood which we have provided during the past decade.

Our hearts should be filled with gratitude toward those brave men whom we remember on this day--not only for their service in war, but for the legacy of courage and inspiration which they left for us to follow in time of peace.


Note: president Magsaysay's reply, released April 9, 1956, follows:

The President
The White House

I am grateful to you for your message commemorating Bataan Day and I wish to reciprocate your cordial greetings. Our two peoples are united by an imperishable bond that was forged in Bataan by the courage and heroism of our soldiers.

We have fought together in war and are cooperating with each other in peace to uphold freedom and democracy. Ours is a friendship based on mutual respect and being on such a firm basis it is an enduring one.

It is my hope that our close collaboration in working for the peace and security of the free world will continue to demonstrate that whatever inevitable temporary and superficial differences we may have from time to time, they are no barrier to the mutuality of our responsibility to serve the best interests of our respective countries and our common dedication to fight for the democratic ideal.

As we commemorate a historic event which signalizes a spiritual victory over a military defeat I wish to reiterate my people's faith in the righteousness and invincibility of the cause of freedom and human dignity to which we are dedicated.

The President's message and President Magsaysay's reply were released at Augusta, Ca.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Exchange of Messages Between the President and the President of the Philippine Republic, on Bataan Day. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/233087

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