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Exchange of Messages Between the President and President Einaudi of Italy on the Trieste Agreement.

October 05, 1954

His Excellency

Luigi Einaudi

President of the Italian Republic

I wish to convey to you my profound gratification and that of the American people at the achievement of an agreement on the delicate Trieste problem. This agreement, worked out through long months of difficult but friendly and constructive endeavor, gives testimony to the far-sighted statesmanship and good will of the government of Italy. It is my earnest hope and expectation that this arrangement will usher in a new era of fruitful collaboration that will contribute to the prosperity and security not only of Italy and Yugoslavia but of all the free nations of Europe. We agree, I am sure, that this fine example of the ability of neighbor nations amicably to settle extremely difficult questions will be highly reassuring to our own peoples and those of friendly nations throughout the world.

Please accept, Mr. President, my heartfelt congratulations at the efforts which you and the members of the Italian government have exerted to make possible this agreement which has so materially contributed to the possibility of maintaining peace in the world.



Note: President Einaudi's reply follows:

Mr. President:

Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce has personally delivered the message you have addressed to me at the moment of the conclusion of the agreement on the problem of Trieste and I wish not to delay in telling you how gratifying is for me this most valuable evidence of the satisfaction with which the American people and their President have welcomed the event.

You have stressed the farsighted and constructive spirit that has animated the Italian Government during this arduous diplomatic issue and have availed yourself of the understanding reached between Italy and Yugoslavia to reaffirm your confidence in a fruitful cooperation of the two bordering nations and in the help that the mutual relations among all peoples will derive from it.

The agreement arrived at by my country will not fail, as you say, to have profound and favorable repercussions on the happier future of a peaceful and strongly united Europe.

In assuring you that Italy is well aware of the friendly contribution brought by the United States of America to the settlement of the question of Trieste, I thank you, Mr. President, in the name also of the Italian Government, for the noble expressions contained in your message, while I beg you to believe me, sincerely yours,


The messages were released at Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colo.

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