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Exchange of Messages Between the President and President Chiang Kai-shek on the 47th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China.

October 10, 1958

THE PEOPLE of the United States join me in sending Your Excellency and the people of China their sincerest felicitations on the forty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China.

We gladly recall on this occasion the Treaty of Mutual Defense between the Republic of China and the United States. We pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of free China which, tested so often in recent years by invasion and war, has once again been demonstrated in the face of Communist attack. We recognize that the sacrifices of free China contribute to the survival of freedom everywhere. We extend our sympathy and friendship to all the Chinese people, being deeply conscious of the hardships and denials of freedom that so many of them are enduring.


Note: President Chiang Kai-shek's reply, dated October 12, follows:

The President
The White House

On behalf of the Chinese Government and people I thank Your Excellency sincerely for the cordial greetings and good wishes contained in your kind message on our National Day. In commemorating this occasion amidst unprovoked Communist attacks, we are also mindful of the community of interests and unity of purpose between our two countries as symbolized by the Mutual Defense Treaty. This solemn instrument binds us more closely together in our common effort to safeguard peace and security in this part of the world.

I wish to express to Your Excellency the deep appreciation of my Government and people for the support rendered us by the United States Government to meet Communist aggression. I must pay special tribute to the gallant officers and men of United States Armed forces who have been sharing hardships with us and making invaluable contributions to us, particularly in helping solve problems of resupply to Kinmen Garrison and civilian populace. The zest and courage they have displayed in their endeavors deserve our high admiration and commendation.

I feel sure that all Chinese people, including those on the Mainland now under the yoke of Communist tyranny, are encouraged by the determined effort our two countries are making for the cause of freedom and democracy. I am confident that our continuing solidarity and exertions will bring about the ultimate attainment of our common goal.

Accept, Mr. President, my best wishes for your good health and prosperity of your country.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Exchange of Messages Between the President and President Chiang Kai-shek on the 47th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/234060

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