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Exchange of Letters Between the President and Prime Minister Nkrumah on the first Anniversary of the Independence of Ghana

March 08, 1958

[ Released March 8, 1958. Dated March 4, 1958 ]

Dear Prime Minister:

On behalf of the people and Government of the United States of America, I extend to your Excellency and the people of Ghana sincere congratulations on the occasion of the first Anniversary of the independence of your nation.

Since your country joined the Community of Nations, it has gained recognition for its efforts to meet successfully the challenge inherent in launching a new nation. These efforts come as no surprise to us for, after attending your independence celebrations last March, the Vice President came away with a clear impression of the courage and determination with which your new nation faces its future.

It is gratifying to note the developing ties between Ghana and the United States, many of which reach back into the history of our two countries. We look forward to strengthening these ties and creating new ones. We are proud of the fact that hundreds of your young people, including yourself, have chosen to come to America to study in our schools, to establish friendships, and to return home with useful knowledge and experience.

As I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you, I would be honored if you could pay an official visit to the United States in the latter part of July of this year. We would wish to have you spend a few days here in Washington, and you may desire to spend a few days elsewhere in the United States. If you can accept this invitation, the details can be readily arranged through Ambassador flake.

I am sure that the coming year will see Ghana moving steadily ahead in the resolution of its problems and in the solidification of its position as a fully independent member of the Commonwealth and of the family of nations.

Accept, Prime Minister, our earnest good wishes and congratulations upon this auspicious occasion.



Note: Prime Minister Nkrumah's reply follows:
Dear Mr. President:

Your message reached me on the first anniversary of Ghana's independence. It has made a deep impression not only on me, but also on all my colleagues in the government, and it will be accepted by the people of my country as an expression of the very great interest which Your Excellency, your government and the people of the United States of America have always taken in the affairs and aspirations of the people of Ghana. We are proud of the friendship and confidence which exists between your great country and mine.

I am greatly honored by your invitation to pay an official visit to your country in July, which I gladly accept. It will be a particular honour to be able to meet you and it will also be a real pleasure for me to visit once again the United States to which country I am indebted for a greater part of my university education.

I am confident that my visit and the continued interest which Your Excellency takes in my country will further strengthen the bonds between our countries. We in Ghana realize the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of us when we enter the second year of our independence. We are determined to make a success of it realizing that we have no small part to play in the future history of Africa.

Accept, Mr. President, my thanks once again and the assurances of my highest esteem and considerations.
Yours sincerely,

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Exchange of Letters Between the President and Prime Minister Nkrumah on the first Anniversary of the Independence of Ghana Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/234528

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