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Exchange of Letters Between the President and President Heuss of Germany. ú

June 16, 1958

[Released June 16, 1958. Dated June 7, 1958]

Dear Mr. President:

This note is just to wish you health and happiness as well as enjoyment of the visit you are making around our country.

We, in Washington, have been honored by your presence and express the wish that you will carry from the city pleasant memories.

With expressions of high esteem and affectionate regard in which sentiments Mrs. Eisenhower joins me, I am,



Note: President Heuss' letter ot June 8 follows:
Dear Mr. President:

I am now busily engaged in acquainting myself with the many-sidedness of the "States": Philadelphia's bustle was followed by the graceful calm of Hanover and of Dartmouth College; Detroit's dynamic development will in future take its place in my memory together with the balanced beauty of Ann Arbor--those were two inspiring days. I was able to have many a good conversation and everywhere I met with great human kindliness.

I was privileged, Mr. President, to have your kind letter. I should not like to delay my reply until I leave your country two weeks hence; I know already today that I will be richer because of these most vivid impressions. The warm hospitality with which I was received in your home was for me a most wonderful overture to this journey of "discovery" to the "New World". I was touched to receive as a remembrance a present with such rich associations--Jefferson is one of those great figures of American history whom I love; I always felt a particular personal affection for him, a man of thought and a man of action.

Already today I am certain that this visit to the U. S. A. will be of great profit to me in broadening my knowledge and understanding.

In many cases it will confirm what was revealed to me by historical studies and information from American friends. But I believe that I may also hope that the manifold contacts with American citizens will remain useful for the spiritual relations and thus also for the political ties between our two nations.
With the request to convey my best wishes to Mrs. Eisenhower I remain with gratitude and best regards,

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Exchange of Letters Between the President and President Heuss of Germany. ú Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/233579

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