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Exchange of Letters Between the President and President Frondizi of Argentina.

July 12, 1958

[ Released July 12, 1958. Dated July 1, 1958 ]

Dear Mr. President:

I was glad to receive from Ambassador Barros Hurtado your letter of June fourth, which I have read with great interest. I was particularly gratified, Mr. President, to note the firm desire and determination of your Government to cooperate in furthering the development of our mutual relations. I assure you that my Government reciprocates this desire and determination in every way.

Your Excellency's reference to economic problems is pertinent indeed, and I readily recognize and share the deep and common concern which arises from economic maladjustments and difficulties. The necessity for each nation in this hemisphere to realize more rapid economic growth goes without saying. The desirability of joint consultation and discussions on economic factors and problems which are of mutual concern and impact is equally clear.

I believe that in the present world situation it is more essential than ever for us to reaffirm the Pan-American tradition of cooperation and consultation. In the months to come there will be, I am sure, ample opportunities for an exchange of views among all the American Republics to this end. I am therefore highly gratified to receive Your Excellency's valued support for the concept of joint discussions. I assure you that my Government will always stand ready to discuss with the other American Republics any problems of mutual concern whether in the economic or other fields.

With the sincere hope for an increasingly warm and fruitful relationship between our two peoples and Governments, I extend to you, Mr. President, the assurances of my highest consideration and my personal best wishes for your health and well-being.



Note: President Arturo Frondizi's letter of June 4 follows:
Dear Mr. President:

I wish to avail myself of the occasion of the presentation of credentials by Dr. Cesar Barros Hurtado as Ambassador to your Government to transmit, through him to you, Mr. President, a friendly personal message and a sincere expression of my Government's earnest desire for cooperation toward achieving the fullest possible development of our relations. In his dual capacity as Envoy Plenipotentiary and friend, Dr. Barros Hurtado will, I am certain, faithfully and completely interpret that firm desire.

Legal order having been restored, the Argentine Government that was inaugurated on May first now proposes to apply its best efforts toward national development in all fields.

The great benefit that can be derived from this development by all those cooperating therein is of genuine importance. My Government would take a favorable view of such cooperation, which is ensured by the present level of development of the resources and wealth of my country and by the full effectiveness of all legal guarantees.

Many of the ills that afflict our world today have their origin in economic dislocations and maladjustments. And, in the case of Argentina, as well as the other Latin American nations, as I had the opportunity to state in the addresses I made recently during my visit to some of those countries as President-elect of Argentina, not a few of those ills stem from international factors.

In these circumstances, and without prejudice to any possible action of its own, the Argentine Government would be happy to support any initiative to reexamine and revise those economic policies, systems, or factors which affect the present state of affairs on the international level, or which hinder or delay the national unity of the American countries.

Feeling certain that I have given expression to our mutual desires and aims, I avail myself of this auspicious occasion to convey to you, Mr. President, the expression of my highest consideration and of my best wishes for your personal happiness.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Exchange of Letters Between the President and President Frondizi of Argentina. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/233722

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