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Excerpts of the President's News Conference

March 11, 1924

I haven't made any final determination about the appointment of Commissioners in the District. I think at the last conference we had, I indicated the very unanimous endorsement that had come from the many different organizations in Washington of the two City Commissioners. I inquired of them if they would be willing to serve, if I should make up my mind to appoint them. Since then I have received a number of communications, not exactly in the nature of charges, but in the nature of protests that I thought perhaps I ought to clear up before I sent the names up, and for that reason I am obliged to take a little time to investigate the charges. I don't think they really amount to anything. It would be very unusual that Commissioners would be in office for three years without there being two opinions as to whether they functioned properly. I know that, because I was Mayor of Northampton [1910-11], and after I had given a very excellent administration for a year there was a division of opinion as to whether I ought to be re-elected.

Source: "The Talkative President: The Off-the-Record Press Conferences of Calvin Coolidge". eds. Howard H. Quint & Robert H. Ferrell. The University Massachusetts Press. 1964.

Calvin Coolidge, Excerpts of the President's News Conference Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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