Franklin D. Roosevelt

Excerpts from the Press Conference

November 15, 1935

Q. Mr. President, I was wondering if you read the statement by Senator Norris that he might not run again in 1936? I was wondering, if you had, if you would care to comment.

The President: I understood there was a question as to whether he had made it.

Q. I read several versions of it.

The President: I don't see why I should not say something about it. It is perfectly clear, I feel. It is the kind of thing you can say about a very few individuals in the United States, and George Norris happens to be one of them. Put in this way: If I were a citizen of the State of Nebraska, regardless of what party I belonged to, I would not allow George Norris to retire from the United States Senate, whether he wanted to or not, for the very good reason that I feel that he is necessary not only to Nebraska, but to the United States as long as he lives.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Excerpts from the Press Conference Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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