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Egyptian-Israeli Peace Negotiations White House Statement Following Meetings With the Israeli and Egyptian Delegations.

October 20, 1978

President Carter met this afternoon with the Israeli and Egyptian delegations to the peace talks. The President's meetings followed the presentation Thursday evening of a revised United States negotiating draft of the main articles of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

During the meetings with the President, both sides reviewed the progress of the negotiations and the remaining issues to be resolved. The meetings were held prior to consultations that both delegations will conduct with their governments.

As stated earlier today, the parties will be consulting separately with their governments about the current status of the negotiations. The President's meetings this afternoon were designed to assist those consultations.

Ambassador al-Baz of the Egyptian delegation has gone to London to consult with Vice President Mubarak, who is on a tour of several European capitals. Vice President Mubarak intends to return to Cairo to give President Sadat an up-to-date report on the status of the negotiations.

Israeli Foreign Minister Dayan and Defense Minister Weizman, along with Professor Barak and Dr. Rosenne, are returning to Israel Saturday night for consultations with their government. Both the United States and Egyptian delegations were informed of this decision in advance. The ministers plan to be in Israel several days, returning to the conference about midweek next week. Working contacts between members of all three delegations here in Washington will continue during their absence.

In addition to the President, those attending the meetings on the American side were: Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski; Ambassador Alfred Atherton; Herbert Hansell, Counsel, State Department; William Quandt, NSC staff; Hamilton Jordan, Assistant to the President.

In addition to Ministers Dayan and Weizman, members of the Israeli delegation included: Ambassador Simcha Dinitz; Ely Rubinstein, Assistant Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to Minister Hassan Ali and Minister of State Butrus Ghali, members of the Egyptian delegation included: Ambassador Ashraf Ghorbal; Ambassador Abdallah al-Erian, legal adviser.

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