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Edwards Campaign Press Release - John Edwards: Still Winning The Issues Debate

June 03, 2007

John Edwards has consistently led the field of Democratic candidates when it comes to the most important issues facing Americans. Edwards was the first to be specific on how he would provide universal health care, combat global warming and fight poverty. As other candidates follow Edwards' lead on policy, his plans and proposals are still consistently praised as the most comprehensive, ambitious, and bold of the field.

Edwards Delivered "Most Comprehensive" And "Ambitious" Health Care Plan

Boston Globe: Edwards Offered "Most Comprehensive, Politically Realistic Proposal" for Universal Health Care. The Boston Globe editorial board declared that Edwards' universal health care plan was the most promising of the Democratic candidates. The Globe wrote, "If the goal is universal coverage during the term of the next president, Edwards has offered the most comprehensive, politically realistic proposal." [Boston Globe, Editorial, 5/30/07]

The Economist: Edwards "Set the Pace" with an "Ambitious Plan" for Universal Health Care. According to The Economist, "Mr. Edwards has long set the pace with an ambitious plan that nods at cost control but concentrates on insuring every American by 2012." [The Economist, 5/31/07]

Chicago Tribune: Experts Said Edwards Health Care Plan Was More "Sweeping" Than Obama's; Hillary's Not "Fleshed-Out." According to the Chicago Tribune, "Edwards became the first top-tier Democratic presidential candidate to release a detailed health-care plan in February and has sought to make it a staple of his campaign." The Tribune noted, "[Obama's] proposal is not quite as sweeping as that offered by former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, experts said, while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has not yet offered a fully fleshed-out plan. [Chicago Tribune, 5/30/07]

Edwards Leading On Energy Policy And Climate Change

UPI's Michael McLaughlin: Edwards "Stands Alone" in Area of Energy Policy and Climate Change. Michael McLaughlin, United Press International energy correspondent, wrote, "But compared to other candidates with public name recognition, like Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama or Republicans like McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in terms of specific proposals, Edwards stands alone, especially in the area of energy policy and climate change." [United Press International, 6/1/07]

Tom Friedman: Edwards "Most Forward-Leaning" Candidate on the Environment. The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said in an appearance on CNN that Edwards was the candidate leading the way on environmental issues. In response to a question on whether any of the candidates shared his vision for the environment, Friedman said, "I will say this. John Edwards in the past few weeks has come out with a series of proposals which I am now studying that strike me as probably the most forward-leaning of all the candidates so far." [CNN, 4/22/07]

Edwards Focus on Poverty Is "Gutsy" And Commendable"

Robert Borosage: Edwards "Gutsy" to Focus Campaign on Combating Poverty. Edwards was praised by Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future for his efforts against poverty. Borosage said, "Edwards was very gutsy to do what he's done. Certainly he's done it against the conventional wisdom of nearly all Democratic strategists," who Borosage noted, "will tell you that poor people don't vote and middle-class people, when they're feeling squeezed, aren't generous." The Chicago Tribune reported that Edwards "speaks of poverty as 'the great moral issue of our time,' and wrote that his previous efforts against poverty included "joining strikers on picket lines, campaigning for an increase in the minimum wage and working part time at a poverty center he founded." [Chicago Tribune, 6/3/07]

The Advocate: Edwards Focus on Poverty Is "Commendable" and Edwards Demonstrated "Credibility" on the Issue. According to an editorial in The Advocate, "Whether the emphasis on the disadvantaged in American society is a political winner or not, it's a good thing when candidates pay attention to the continuing crisis of poverty in this country — Making this issue a strong part of a presidential campaign is commendable ... On poverty, he has some credibility as he tries to push an important issue to the forefront." [The Advocate, 5/31/07]

Edwards Getting Specific On Major Issues

Joe Klein: Edwards Was Willing to "Step Out and Get Specific" on Major Issues Unlike His Opponents. TIME's Joe Klein wrote, "But most impressive has been Edwards' willingness to step out and get specific on some major issues in a way that none of his opponents have." [TIME, 5/7/07]

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