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Edwards Campaign Press Release - John Edwards Health Care Plan: Most Comprehensive, More Realistic

June 03, 2007

Edwards Was First to Put Forth a Health Care Plan, Announcing His Plan in February 2007. Edwards was the first Democratic presidential candidate to put forth a health care plan, announcing his plan in February 2007. In March 2007, the Washington Post, The Nation, and ABC reported that Edwards was the only candidate to put forth a specific plan to achieve universal coverage. [Edwards for President press release, 2/5/07; Washington Post, 3/25/07; The Nation, 3/24/07;, 3/25/07, 3/24/07]

Boston Globe: Edwards Offered "Most Comprehensive, Politically Realistic Proposal" For Universal Health Care. In a comparison of health care proposals made by the Democratic candidates, the Boston Globe editorial board declared that Edwards' universal health care plan was the most promising. The Globe wrote, "If the goal is universal coverage during the term of the next president, Edwards has offered the most comprehensive, politically realistic proposal." [Boston Globe, Editorial, 5/30/07]

Paul Krugman: "Edwards Gets It Right" On Health Care. In a column titled "Edwards Gets It Right," Paul Krugman wrote that "John Edwards has just set a fine example" for candidates who need to "provide enough specifics to show both that they understand the issues, and that they're willing to face up to hard choices when necessary." [New York Times, 2/9/07]

Economics Professor Uwe Reinhardt Said Edwards' Plan Stood Out Because It Was "Comprehensive" and "He Actually Put Money on the Table." When asked if any aspect of the presidential candidates' health care stood out as an "innovation," Uwe Reinhardt, professor of political economy at Princeton University, "On the Edwards plan, what stands out is that he actually put money on the table...And the other two candidates don't have any dollar figure associated with." Reinhardt continued, "So for the Edwards proposal, what's novel is that it's truly comprehensive and he's willing to commit money to it. So that's the most complete plan. The other two plans are ideas not sketched out in great detail." [Marketplace, 5/29/07]

The Economist: Edwards "Set the Pace" with an "Ambitious Plan." According to The Economist, "Mr. Edwards has long set the pace with an ambitious plan that nods at cost control but concentrates on insuring every American by 2012." [The Economist, 5/31/07]

Sen. Edward Kennedy: Edwards' Plan "A Serious and Thoughtful Proposal." In February 2007, Massachusetts Senator and health care champion Edward Kennedy praised Edwards' universal health care plan. "John Edwards has made a serious and thoughtful proposal to address the growing health care crisis," Kennedy said. "His innovative plan offers practical steps to lower the high cost of health care, improve the quality of care and provide coverage for all Americans." [Kennedy Statement, 2/5/07]

Boston Globe: Edwards' Health Care Cost Prediction "More Realistic" Than Obama's. The Boston Globe editorialized that the estimated cost of Edwards' universal health care plan "is more realistic" than the figure given by Barack Obama, noting that "covering the 45 million uninsured is tricky, but it is best to guess high." [Boston Globe, Editorial, 5/30/07]

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