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Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Visits Nevada, Tours UNLV Solar Site

August 02, 2007

Discusses Green Collar Jobs Plan to Train Workers in the New Energy Economy

Las Vegas, Nevada – Senator John Edwards today toured the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV) Solar Site to bring attention to the critical need to achieve energy independence, stop global warming and create a new energy economy. Edwards discussed his Green Collar Jobs plan to train workers for jobs in the new energy economy.

"Global warming is a crisis that will fundamentally change our planet if we don't act now. But it also presents an opportunity to rebuild America's economy based on clean, renewable energy and good jobs," Edwards said. "UNLV is doing excellent work in developing better and cheaper ways to produce renewable energy. With the right investment Nevada can be a leader in supplying energy to the country and creating jobs."

During his 12th visit to Nevada since announcing his campaign for president, Edwards talked about his plans to sell carbon pollution permits to build a New Energy Economy Fund to revitalize America's manufacturing base, bring struggling family farms back to life, and harness American innovation. He described how he will ensure that workers have the needed skills to build the new energy economy and that it creates good job opportunities for hard-working Americans.

The New Energy Economy Fund's investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology will create more than 1 million new jobs. Many of these jobs must be performed locally and cannot be offshored. However, it will take a concerted effort to ensure that America's workforce is well-trained for the new energy economy, that these jobs are good jobs, and that the economic opportunity is broadly shared.

The "Green Collar Jobs" initiative will help train and employ at least 150,000 workers a year in new energy economy jobs. Edwards will dedicate 50,000 government-subsidized Stepping Stone jobs to energy-related occupations. In addition, the Green Collar Jobs training initiative will work with employers, unions, community colleges and high schools to prepare and engage the next generation of workers.

According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, a 100-mile-wide spot in the Southern Nevada desert has the potential to generate enough solar energy to play a major role in providing for the nation's energy needs. UNLV's Center for Energy Research Director, Robert F. Boehm Ph.D., PE, showed Edwards how the school is working to develop technology that would help make that goal cost affective and achievable.

Edwards, who has visited Nevada more than any other major candidate, has a plan to turn the crisis of climate change into an opportunity for a new energy economy. To learn more about the plan visit:

Last week, Nevada Conservationists for Edwards announced a list of 31 members statewide including Scot Rutledge, the group's chair. Rutledge is respected statewide among conservationists and is supporting Edwards because of his commitment to protecting our resources in Nevada and across the nation. Rutledge joined Edwards for the tour.

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