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Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Outlines Economic Plan To Put Needed Money In The Hands Of Hard-Working South Carolinians And All Americans

January 22, 2008

Because of his Commitment to Fighting for the Middle Class and his Bold Ideas to Strengthen the Economy, South Carolina Communications Workers of America Endorse Edwards

Columbia, South Carolina – On a conference call with reporters today, Edwards discussed the growing economic challenges facing the nation, his economic stimulus plan, and the impact it will have to help hard-working families in South Carolina and across the nation who have been ignored by the Bush Administration's policies.

"The problem is that we've had elected leaders who are more concerned with serving the interests of the powerful and the well-connected than standing up for regular, hard-working Americans," said John Edwards. "We need to end the cycle of leadership that has made decision after decision over the last 25 years that benefit big corporations and special interests at the expense of the middle class."

"If we want to stop saying goodbye to South Carolina's manufacturing jobs, we need to start with a real stimulus package that creates new jobs and puts money in the hands of working families," Edwards said. "President Bush's proposal is swiss-cheese stimulus that leaves out millions of hardworking Americans while toeing the line of right-wing ideology at the expense of smart planning for America's future."

Facing oil that has topped $100 a barrel, the burden of an unemployment rate that rose 0.7 points to 6.6% for December, the largest one month gain in 17 years, and following the loss of 90,000 manufacturing jobs under the Bush presidency, South Carolinians are ready for president who will fight for them. Edwards proposed a short-term economic stimulus plan in December, leading both his opponents and the White House with a smart plan to put money in the hands of people who need it the most and who will use it within their local economies.

The Edwards plan would:

  • Provide about $1.5 billion to South Carolina
  • Expand benefits for about 9000 long-term unemployed workers
  • Provide fiscal relief for the state of South Carolina – which is facing a $430 million deficit next year, according to the state Board of Economic Advisors.

The Communications Workers of America in South Carolina today announced its endorsement of Senator John Edwards for president. The Communications Workers of America represents both active and retired members throughout the state of South Carolina.

CWA's support of Senator Edwards is due to his long history fighting for organized labor and middle-class families, and his commitment to making the economy work for hard-working Americans again.

"I am honored to have the support of the South Carolina CWA, whose members' hard work and expertise make up the backbone of our information age economy, and essential for new job creation," Edwards said. "I share their commitment to bringing universal health care to every American and calling for smart trade policies that are fair for hard-working American men and women."

"John Edwards has spent his entire career fighting for working families and organized labor," said CWA local 3706 President Debra C. Brown. "Our endorsement of Senator Edwards is driven by Edwards' South Carolina roots, his strong position on protecting worker's right to organize, and his understanding of the needs of the rural South."

Mike Parks, President of CWA Local 3716, said, "We are proud to support John Edwards. His dedication to fighting for the middle class and his steady leadership on issues like the economy, universal health care, fair trade deals and keeping good jobs here in America is the right kind of leadership for our members and for all South Carolinians."

South Carolina CWA members have been strong advocates for improving the quality of life for workers by fighting for access to health care, secure retirement, and fair trade policies. South Carolina CWA is made up of 6 Locals, representing over 2,200 active members and over 1,700 retired members.

South Carolina CWA Officials and Locals endorsing Edwards:

Mr. Greg Mize, President CWA Local 3702

Anderson, South Carolina

Mr. Rick Slattery, President CWA Local 3704

Charleston, South Carolina

Mrs. Debra C. Brown, President CWA Local 3706

Columbia, South Carolina

Mr. Alan Poston, President CWA Local 3708

Florence, South Carolina

Ms. Patty E. McLeroy, President CWA Local 3710

Greenville, South Carolina

Mr. Mike Parks, President CWA Local 3716

Spartanburg, South Carolina

John Edwards, Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Outlines Economic Plan To Put Needed Money In The Hands Of Hard-Working South Carolinians And All Americans Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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