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Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Campaign Breaks Online Fundraising Record

January 25, 2008

In the first 25 days of this quarter, campaign has raised more online than the whole 4th quarter - the vast majority of which will be doubled by federal matching funds

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – As a sign of John Edwards' growing grassroots support across the country, today the Edwards campaign announced that it has raised more than $3 million online during the first 25 days of the quarter - more than it raised during the whole 4th quarter of last year. Just yesterday, the campaign had one of its best fundraising days, taking in more than $230,000 in contributions. The vast majority of online contributions will be doubled by federal matching funds.

"First, we want to thank everyone who has contributed," said senior advisor Joe Trippi. "More and more Americans want to get involved in our campaign because they recognize that John Edwards is the only candidate in this race with the backbone to say we are in a fight for the middle class and we can't negotiate or take money from powerful entrenched interests if we are going to have change - we have to take them on. Our campaign relies on the support of regular Americans, and with their support we can bring real change to America."

The Edwards campaign has been built on reaching out to all Americans - not just those who can give the maximum donation to the campaign. Edwards is the only candidate who has never taken a dime from Washington lobbyists or PACs. He continues to gain new support as he travels the country to talk with voters about his plans to fight for the middle class.

  • Edwards enjoys strong grassroots support with 93 percent of online contributions coming in amounts of $100 or less.
  • Fifty-two percent of those making contributions online this quarter are new contributors.

Americans are also responding to Edwards' Tuesday night debate performance, where he remained focused on the issues that really matter to voters. During the hour following Tuesday night's debate, the campaign saw a significant spike in online fundraising - setting the pace for days of donations arriving in record amounts. Building on the momentum from Tuesday's debate, today the campaign released new two ads in South Carolina that highlight Edwards' commitment to talking about the challenges facing America, instead of attacking his opponents.

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