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Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Asks American People To Join His Call For Gonzales To Resign

July 30, 2007

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – As Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faces a possible perjury investigation for lying to Congress, the John Edwards for President campaign launched an online campaign today urging Americans to sign a petition calling on Gonzales to resign. In recent weeks, several senior Bush officials have seemed to contradict Gonzales' testimony about internal disagreements over President Bush's domestic wiretapping program.

Senator John Edwards launched his presidential campaign by asking the American people to start taking action today to change our country. Since President Bush has refused to take responsibility for his mistakes and hold the Attorney General responsible for his actions, Edwards is asking the American people to speak out against Gonzales' continuous disrespect for the rule of law. Thousands of Americans speaking out together will send the Attorney General a message that the American people will not accept a politicized Justice Department. Edwards has been an outspoken critic of Gonzales, first calling for him to resign on March 13th, 2007.

"I've said it before and I'm saying it again today for what I hope is the last time," said Edwards. "Alberto Gonzales must resign as Attorney General. The Department of Justice cannot function effectively with the possibility of a perjury investigation hanging over the head of its chief officer. And if that were not enough, the administration's refusal to allow its prosecutors to enforce citations for contempt of Congress guts our Founders' constitutional system of checks and balances."

For every signature on the petition, the campaign will send a copy of the Constitution to the Attorney General. The campaign will also deliver a giant copy of the Constitution to the Attorney General's office if the petition receives more than 25,000 signatures.

The text of the petition is below:

Dear Attorney General Gonzales,

Remember the Constitution that you were sworn to uphold?

Remember what this country stands for?

Remember the laws you were supposed to defend?

If you do, then do what is right, just once, and resign.

John Edwards, Edwards Campaign Press Release - Edwards Asks American People To Join His Call For Gonzales To Resign Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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