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Edwards Campaign Press Release - Congressman Charlie Gonzalez Endorses John Edwards For President

March 07, 2007

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The John Edwards for President campaign announced today that Congressman Charlie Gonzalez endorsed Senator John Edwards as the Democratic nominee for President.

"Charlie Gonzalez is a great friend to working Texans and working Americans and I am honored to have his support," said Edwards. "Charlie's years of experience fighting to expand opportunity in our country will be a tremendous asset in our campaign to change America."

Congressman Gonzalez released the following letter endorsing Edwards for President:

Dear fellow Texas Democrat:

I am writing to inform you that I am endorsing John Edwards for President.

John Edwards and I share a commitment to improving the lives of working families. He understands, as I do, that the key to economic development is making sure that our society honors and rewards hard work. Any American who is willing to work hard should have the opportunity to create a better life for his or her family, and John Edwards has spent his life fighting to make this happen.

Among his many efforts to help working Americans, John Edwards has been a tireless advocate for raising the minimum wage. In 2006, he criss-crossed the nation to help pass ballot initiatives raising the minimum wage in six states, since the previous Republican-led Congress refused to raise the federal minimum wage. John Edwards is focused on strengthening our middle class and lifting more Americans out of poverty. He has proposed a comprehensive health care plan that will provide health insurance for every American, and he is committed to removing barriers that stand in the way of young people's dreams of attending college. John Edwards has bold ideas to change our nation and build an America that values hard work.

I am convinced that John Edwards is both the strongest candidate we can nominate for President in 2008, and also the candidate who will fight hardest to implement an agenda that will improve the lives of the citizens in my district, and in the nation. John Edwards has my full endorsement and my enthusiastic support. I hope you will join me in supporting his candidacy.


Charles A. Gonzalez U.S. Representative 20th Congressional District of Texas

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