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Dole Campaign Press Release - The Plan II

September 04, 1996

SEPTEMBER 4, 1996 (202)414-8050

      "The Plan II


      VIDEO:                        AUDIO:

      The Clinton Record            Announcer. Under Clinton.

      Stagnant Wages                Stagnant wages.

      Taxes up $ 265 billion         The largest tax increase in


      Two paychecks needed          Two incomes needed to make ends


      Americans deserve better.     Americans deserve better.

      Dole on Camera                Dole: Make no mistake about it. My

                                    economic program is this right

                                    policy for America.

      Dole Economic Plan            Announcer. The Dole Plan -

      Cut wasteful spending         Cut wasteful spending.

      Balance the budget            Balance the budget.

      $ 1600 tax cut for typical     A tax cut of $ 1600 for the typical

      family.                       family

      Dole on camera                Dole: You shouldn't have to

                                    apologize for wanting to keep what

                                    you earn. It's your money

      Paid for by Dole/Kemp 96      Announcer., Bob Dole, The Better

                                    Man for a Better America.

Robert Dole, Dole Campaign Press Release - The Plan II Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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