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Dole Campaign Press Release - Republican Governors Embrace Dole Economic Plan

August 05, 1996

Washington, D.C. -- Republican Governors from throughout the nation today expressed support for a six-year, $ 548 billion economic package to be unveiled by Bob Dole, which includes one of the largest tax cuts in history, within a balanced budget framework.

Following are statements by Republican Governors:

"Rob Dole has offered a bold and decisive plan to the American people, one which clearly recognizes the need to boost the national economy and give a significant tax break to working men and women. What we have done here in New Jersey proves that tax cuts and budget- balancing both can be achieved. New Jersey lends the region in the rate of new job creation -- more than 130,000 since January of 1994 and the Dole proposal aims toward that goal as well. The people of New Jersey responded favorably to my tax cut and spending reduction proposals and I am confident that the American people will respond in a similar fashion to the Dole proposal." -- Christine Todd Whitman, Governor of New Jersey

"Bob Dole's economic plan is bold and visionary. It is precisely what the United States economy needs for long-term economic growth. The Dole plan highlights the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats. Bob Dole's fundamental principle will lead us to a similar government that is more efficient and effective. It will give us a better government, nut a bigger government. Bob Dole understands that we need tax cuts, not tax increases. A growing and vibrant community depends on it. I am committed to working with Bob Dole as we pursue tax cuts and our dynamic economic growth policies that will return New York and the United States to prominence." -- George Pataki, Governor of New York

Ten years ago, my administration turned Wisconsin's downtrodden economy around by cutting taxes and investing in our people. As a result, we have more people working in Wisconsin that at any time in our history, having created 600,000 new jobs. Our economy has never been better and our people have never enjoyed such a prosperous period. There is no doubt in my mind that Bob Dole's tax plan will provide the same stimulus to our nation's economy, allowing families to keep more of their hard-earned money and encouraging businesses to grown and expand." -- Tommy Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin

It is time to look at both the revenue and spending patterns of the federal government. Bob Dole's economic plan does just that, and if enacted in its entirety could benefit millions of Americans economically." -- Arne Carlson, Governor of Minnesota

"In Michigan we eliminated a $ 1.8 million deficit and cut taxes 21 times, resulting in a $ 1 billion surplus, saving taxpayers more than $ 3.6 billion. The components of Bob Dole's economic plan has already worked in Michigan. We've cut taxes, balanced the budget, reduced government spending, eased the burden of regulations, and mostly importantly -- created jobs and increased family incomes. Bob Dole's plan will do for America what it has done for Michigan -- it will create jobs, boost family incomes and improve the quality of life for us today and for our children tomorrow." -- John Engler, Governor of Michigan

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