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Dole Campaign Press Release - Latham Backs Dole For President

January 18, 1996

Iowa Congressman Endorses GOP Frontrunner

Iowa Congressman Tom Latham today announced his support for GOP Presidential frontrunner Bob Dole. Latham, who was elected to Congress as part of the 1994 Republican landslide, is the latest addition to Dole's formidable Iowa campaign team. Dole has already won the endorsement of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, Senator Chuck Grassley, and numerous leading GOP legislators and activists.

"The people of Iowa want a President who is committed to real conservative change," said Latham. "Bob Dole has led the fight to balance the budget and return fiscal responsibility to our government. As President, he'll work to restore the 10th amendment and return power where it belongs -- the states and the people."

"It's an honor to have Tom on board," welcomed Dole. "As part of the historic Republican freshmen class of '94, he's been a leader in bringing conservative change to Washington. Our mission in this election is to finish the Republican revolution by sending Bill Clinton back to Arkansas. It's time to reconnect the federal government with the values of the American people, return power to the states, and reassert America's leadership abroad."

Dole remains the hands-down favorite to win the GOP Presidential nomination. The most recent national surveys show Dole leading the Republican field by a huge margin and as the only GOP candidate with the support to beat President Clinton. The latest CNN/USA Today poll shows Dole leading the Republican field with 55% of the vote -- 43 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival. The same survey showed Dole beating Clinton in a head-to-head matchup.

Robert Dole, Dole Campaign Press Release - Latham Backs Dole For President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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