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Dole Campaign Press Release - Festival of Liberals

August 23, 1996


      Democrat Convention Program Highlights Party's Ultra-Liberal Wing

Featured Speakers at the Democratic Convention:

David Bonior:            "a leader of liberal Democrats in Congress" -

                          Atlanta Journal, 4/28/96

                          "on of the most liberal of Democrats." --

                          Financial Times, 3/19/96

Barbara Boxer:           "a champion of liberal causes" --

                          Sacramento Bee, 7/19/96

                          "100 percent liberal voting records." --

                          San Francisco Examiner, 2/5/96

Chris Dodd:              "an unabashed liberal" -- Gannett, 2/15/96

                          "ranked more liberal than 85 percent of the

                          Senate" -- Washington Times, 1/18/95

Dianne Feinstein:        "two of the body's more liberal members,"

                          Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, and

                          John Rockefeller, D-WV -- Arizona Republic,


                          "known for their more liberal stances" --

                          New York Times, 5/18/96

Dick Gephardt:           "a traditional liberal legislator" --

                          Newsweek, 5/20/96

                          "a leader of the more liberal wing" --

                          Los Angeles Times, 5/18/96

Jesse Jackson:           "an unapologetic liberal Democrat" --

                           Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/25/96

                          "a '40' on the conservative-liberal scale

                          of 0 to 40 -- USA Weekend, 5/19/96

Ted Kennedy:             "the Senate's most stalwart liberal," --

                          The Hill, 6/19/96

                          "many consider to be the most liberal

                          member of the Senate" -- Cook Political

                          report, 6/39/96

Nita Lowey:              "an unrepentant liberal" -- Ethnic Newswatch


                          "an outspoken liberal" -- Gannett, 8/1/95

Barbara Mikulski:        "two of the chamber's most stalwart

                          liberals, Tom Harkin of Iowa, and

                          Barbara Mikulski of Maryland." -- Time,


                          "Mikulski's Senate record is traditionally

                          liberal" -- New Republic, 12/4/95

Carol Moseley-Braun:     "the latest darling of the liberal celeb

                          set" -- Chicago Sun-Time, 8/8/93

Eleanor Holmes Norton:   "dyed-in-the-wool Democrat" -- Detroit News,


                          "normally a liberal ideologue" -- Florida

                          Times, 8/7/96

Jay Rockefeller:         "Traditional liberals such as Sens.

                          Jay Rockefeller" -- Associated Press, 9/19/96

                          "Usually has a liberal voting record," --

                          Charleston Daily Mail, 5/11/95

Pat Schroeder:           "Unrelentingly liberal" -- Milwaukee Journal

                          Sentinel, 8/12/96

                          "unabashedly liberal," -- Denver Post,


For More Information, contact the Dole/Kemp campaign at 202/414- 6444

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