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Dole Campaign Press Release - Fast Facts

November 01, 1996

Info from the Dole/Kemp Press Office -- 202/414-6444


1. The Indonesian Lippo Syndicate

2. The $250,000 Lippo Paid Clinton Pal Webb Hubbell After His Conviction

3. The $900,000 "Severance" Package Lippo Gave John Huang

4. Indonesian Billionaire and Lippo Boss Mochtar Riady

5. Riady's Son and Clinton Pal James Riady

6. The Riadys' $175,000 Contribution to the Clinton Campaign and Inaugural

7. The Riadys' Private Meetings with the President and Top Aides

8. The Exclusive Inaugural Invitations Given to the Riadys

9. The Riadys' Deep Influence Over U.S. Trade and Foreign Policy

10. Former Lippo Executive John Huang

11. Huang's Appointment to a Top Commerce Department Position

12. Huang's 83 Recent White House Visits

13. Huang's Top-Secret Clearance

14. Huang's Private Meetings with the President

15. Huang's Influence on U.S. Indonesia Policy

16. Huang's Web of Illegal Fundraising and Influence Peddling

17. Huang's Defying U.S. Marshals Attempting to Serve a Federal Subpoena

18. Lippo Crony Arief Wiriandinata

19. Wiriandinata's $450,000 Contribution to the DNC

20. The Fact That $300,000 of the Contribution Was Sent from Indonesia

21. That a Middle-Class Gardener Could Afford a $450,000 Campaign Contribution

22. San Francisco Scam Artist Yogesh Gandhi

23. Gandhi's $325,000 Contribution to the DNC

24. Gandhi's $10,000 in Delinquent Taxes

25. South Korean Businessman John Lee

26. Lee's Company Cheong Am

27. Lee's Illegal $250,000 Contribution to the DNC

28. Lee's Disappearance Since the Contribution Was Uncovered

29. Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

30. The $140.,000 Illegally Raised by Vice President Gore at the Temple

31. The Money Funneled though Parishioners who had Taken Vows of Poverty

32. James Wood, Jr., Clinton's Appointee as Top U.S. Official in Taiwan

33. Allegations that Wood Tried to Strong-arm Companies into Giving Money to the DNC

34. The Fact that the FBI Didn't Start to Investigate Until Two Weeks Before the Election

35. Top White House Official Mark Middleton

36. The $15 Million Supposedly Offered to Middleton by Taiwan's Ruling Party

37. Allegations that Middleton Tried to Sell Access to the President for Contributions

38. Lippo Executive Charles De Queljoe

39. The Top Trade Position De Queljoe Was Appointed to by Mickey Kantor

40. Convicted Drug Kingpin Jorge Cabrera

41. The $20,000 Given to the DNC by a Convicted Drug Smuggler

42. Cabrera's Invitation to Visit the White House and Meet the First Lady

43. Cabrera's Invitation to Meet the Vice President

44. The Secret Service Allowing Cabrera to Enter the White House

45. The Fact that Cabrera Was Arrested with Nearly Three Tons of Cocaine

46. The DNC Not Immediately Returning the Money After Cabrera Was Convicted

47. The DNC's Role in Illegal Fundraising

48. DNC Chair Chris Dodd's Broken Promise to Let Huang Answer Questions

49. DNC Stonewalling on October Finance Reports

50. The Laws Currently Being Broken by the DNC for Not Filing Those Reports

Robert Dole, Dole Campaign Press Release - Fast Facts Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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