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Dole Campaign Press Release - Elizabeth Dole's Remarks with President Bush at a Campaign Rally in Tampa, Florida

October 31, 1996

DOLE: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a little change of program here this morning. This was a day when I was just tagging along.

So I have a surprise here. But let me say that we feel it's very appropriate for one of the greatest presidents every to serve the United States of America to introduce the next president of the United States. [applause]

And let me just say -- as you all know, I had the privilege of serving in President Bush's Cabinet as his secretary of labor. And I had an opportunity to see up close the tremendous leadership, the integrity, the dedication, the loyalty to the people of America this great president who's finest hour was that tremendous victory in the Persian Gulf. [applause] Tremendous leadership.

And so it's my great privilege to present to you, President Bush, who will introduce the next president.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. [applause]

BUSH: Thank you all very much. Thank you, Elizabeth. Lee. Senator.

Thank you all very, very much. [applause]

Listen... [applause]

Members of Congress, statewide office holders, wonderful voters of Florida, thank you all very much.

Let me just say how very pleased I am to be here with the members of Congress, with Bob Dole's and my old and dear friend Lee Greenwood, for whom I have great respect and who's song says so much about our country.

And Connie Mack, a great leader in the United States Senate. Al Austin, whom we all know here so well. And of course, Elizabeth Dole.

And I am just honored to be able to introduce Bob and tell you how strongly I feel about him and Elizabeth.

I have been known lately since leaving the White House as the father of the governor of Texas. That's it. [laughter]

I am also known as the husband of the most popular woman in the United States of America. And that's it. [applause]

And now, my political days happily over, proud of two sons. I want to be know as a loyal friend to Bob Dole, a Bob Dole admirer, a man who knows in his heart, based on considerable experience, mine, that Bob Dole is the person to lead this country into the next millennium. [applause]

Because what it's about -- what it's about is leadership. And I travel around the world extensively, and we need somebody to restore the respect for America around the world. [applause]

You know, Connie Mack referred to those economic numbers yesterday. This is a little known fact, but we handed the Clinton administration and economy that was growing at 5.8 percent in the last quarter.

They took credit for it. They took all the credit for it. They benefited.

Frankly, thanks to some members -- Republican members of the Senate and Congress. But now we see this growth, and we better have a president that understands what it's going to take to restore real growth to this country.

And the last point -- the last point I would make is this. What matters to me now is the integrity of the White House. I believe in duty, honor, country.

I believe in service. I believe in keeping the White House above partisan politics and away from these puny, terrible disputes we're seeing.

And I know that Bob and Elizabeth can restore this decency and this respect that I think the American people are craving. And so with no further ado, let me introduce you the man that I am proud to be his friend.

We could never have had a more loyal, dependable leader in the Senate when I was president. And now I want to be at his side supporting him every way I possibly can to see him be the next president of the United States. Bob Dole.

Robert Dole, Dole Campaign Press Release - Elizabeth Dole's Remarks with President Bush at a Campaign Rally in Tampa, Florida Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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