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Dole Campaign Press Release - Dole Debate Zingers

October 07, 1996


From the Hartford Debate Last Night

LEHRER: "Senator Dole, the president said in his opening statement we are better off today than we were four years ago. Do you agree?"

DOLE: "Well, he's better off than he was four years from now...(LAUGHTER)... and I may be better off four years from now...(LAUGHTER)

Saddam Hussein is probably better off than he was four years ago... But are the American people? They're working harder and harder and paying more taxes.

LEHRER: "Senator Dole, speaking of your tax plan, do you still think that's a good idea, the 15% across-the-board tax cut?

DOLE: Oh, yes, and you'll be eligible...(LAUGHTER)... and so will the former president." (LAUGHTER)

CLINTON: "That's good. I need it."

DOLE: "When I fell off that podium in Chico, before I hit the ground I had a call on my cell phone from a trial lawyer saying I think we got a case here." (LAUGHTER)

LEHRER: "Are there personal differences that are relevant to this here?"

DOLE: "My blood pressure's lower and my weight, my cholesterol. But I will not make health an issue in this campaign." (LAUGHTER)

DOLE: "I remember one day on the floor I said, 'Now gentlemen, let me tax your memories,' and Senator Ted Kennedy jumped up and said, 'Why haven't we thought of that before?"' (LAUGHTER)

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