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Dole Campaign Press Release - Clinton Chooses Union Cash Over Our Children's Future

August 27, 1996

Although teachers' unions represent barely 1% of the U.S. population, they will control a whopping 12% of the delegates to this year's Democratic convention--nearly one in eight. Source: Florida Times-Unions 8/25/96; Atlanta Constitution, 8/26/96

Although a third of the members of the National Education Association are Republicans and over 40% voted for Ronald Reagan and George Bush in 1988, the union has been one of the Democratic Party's staunchest and most prolific supporters. Source: Forbes magazine, 6/7/93

In the 1993 -94 election cycle, the NEA gave a whopping $ 2,230,050 to Democrats and just $ 25,800 to Republicans. Almost 99% of the NEA's contributions went to Democrats in that cycle. Source: Almanac of Federal PACs. FEC

In the 1991-92 election cycle, the NEA gave $ 2,221,947 to Democrats and $ 82,175 to Republicans - a staggering 27 to 1 ratio, source: Almanac of Federal PACs, FEC

Despite the NEA's. fervent opposition to school, choice, more, than one in five NEA teachers (22%) have chosen to place their children in private schools. That's more than twice the national average. Source: Forbes magazine, 6/7/93

According to the Weekly Standard, NEA and NEA-PAC staff participate in all political and senior staff meetings held by the Democratic Party Source: Weekly Standard, 6/24/96

So far in 1996, the NEA has endorsed 185 candidates -- all Democrats. Source: Weekly Standard, 6/24/96

Many of the issues on which the NEA lobbies are traditional ultra-liberal agenda items that have nothing to do with education. Among them:

* A single-payer national health care system

* "Strict" gun control laws

* Statehood for the District of Columbia

* The Equal Rights Amendment

Source: The Phoenix Gazette, 9120195

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