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Digest of Other White House Announcements

February 18, 1977

The following listing includes the President's daily schedule and other items of general interest as announced by the White House Press Office during the period covered by this issue. Events and announcements printed elsewhere in the issue are not included.

February 13

The President returned to the White House after a weekend visit to Plains, Ga., and met with the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Andrew J. Young, who reported to the President on his trip to Africa.

February 14

The President met at the White House with:

--Zbigniew Brzezinski, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs;

--senior White House staff members;

--the Cabinet;

--New Hampshire State Senator Robert Fennelly and family;

--a group of representatives of consumer organizations to discuss the need for a consumer protection agency and appointments to regulatory commissions;

--Representative William Lehman of Florida;

--former Representative Bella S. Abzug of New York.

February 15

The President met at the White House with:

--Dr. Brzezinski;

--President Lopez Portillo of Mexico;

--Clark M. Clifford, to discuss his upcoming trip to Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus as the President's personal emissary;

--Secretary of the Treasury W. Michael Blumenthal.

February 16

The President met at the White House with Dr. Brezinski.

February 17

The President met at the White House with:

--Dr. Brzezinski;

--Representative Al Ullman, chairman, and other members of the House Ways and Means Committee;

--Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph A. Califano, Jr., an top-level officials of the Department;

--several members of the White House press corps to discuss some of the problems faced by the press and ways in which the President might better be able to communicate with the American people;

--Gov. Reubin Askew of Florida;

--Democratic members of the House Government Operations Committee;

--representatives of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

In a ceremony in the Cabinet Room, the President received the Boy Scouts of America's annual report to the Nation. The ceremony was attended by a group of Boy Scouts and Explorers and several officials of the organization.

In a ceremony in the Oval Office, the President received diplomatic credentials from Ambassadors Bias Mookodi of Botswana, Alan Philip Renouf of Australia, and Gustavo Ycaza Borja of Ecuador.

February 18

The President met at the White House with:

--Dr. Brzezinski;

--Adm. Stansfield Turner, who has been nominated to be Director of Central Intelligence.

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