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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - WTAS: DeSantis Prepares for Fourth Debate

December 06, 2023

"Ron DeSantis is the one who will fight, and he is the one who will win."

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — As Ron DeSantis prepares to take the debate stage in Tuscaloosa, the DeSantis campaign and supporters are energized for another strong performance.

Here's what they are saying:

James Uthmeier on ABC News

"But the reality is everybody realizes that Ron DeSantis is the one who will fight, and he is the one who will win. He will win and he will lead, everybody knows that and that's why they're going after him. But hey, when there's heavy wind in your face, usually means you're doing something right. You're fighting the good fight. We will fight that fight and Ron DeSantis will win."

Bryan Griffin on NewsNation

"What matters is, to these people in Iowa that we're talking to in all 99 counties, by the way, that the governor has been doing, he just completed the full Grassley, how do I pay for my groceries? How do I pay for gas? Am I secure in my community? This is where Ron DeSantis is making a difference and will make distinctions on the debate stage tonight because on all of these issues, he's got the most extensive plan. He's got the most conservative record, and he's been able to put the most wins on the board for Americans and conservatives."

James Uthmeier on CBS42

"He shows up, he will show up tonight. The former president again unfortunately is not willing to come and share his vision for the country. But Ron DeSantis, he goes and works day in, day out. He just completed his 99th County event in Iowa. He's hit all 99 counties, big crowds, tons of people coming that say they're flipping from other candidates for him. He's got Governor Kim Reynolds at his side and he's telling Iowans what he's going to do to put more money back in their pockets, to fight back against Bidenomics, to secure the border, and to help protect parents and families and keep them safe against the globalists of Wall Street Democrats in this country that support Nikki Haley."

Pete Snyder on NewsNation

"There's no one who can talk about the issues that are concerning to American voters, we're a nation in decline right now. We have the wrong leadership, and Ron DeSantis, on everything from immigration, to foreign policy, to economic policy, really what he did in Florida during the time of COVID, to help save small businesses, and keep kids in schools, we're gonna hear all about that. And he is the best poised person to be President of the United States. So I think we're looking at our fourth win in a row and I'm pretty fired up about it."

Carly Atchison on WVNN

"Ron DeSantis is the only true conservative on the stage. And you made a point earlier about Joe Biden and his billboards. I mean, look, you saw what Ron DeSantis did in a debate to Gavin Newsom. There is no question that Ron DeSantis would absolutely crushed Joe Biden, not just in a debate, but in an election. And this is potentially the most important election of our lifetime. We have serious issues and open border inflation that is hurting small businesses, American families, people are feeling it because of the holidays right now. We need a president who's not just going to talk the talk, but he's actually going to deliver and work for the American people, somebody who's not going to be distracted by their own personal issues, and actually get things done. In the past, fight the big fight and win the big win for conservatives. That's Ron DeSantis."

Bryan Griffin on The All-American Savage Show

"We need the guy who doesn't care what the media thinks, or the establishment thinks and focuses on delivering. That's Ron DeSantis. We also need a guy who can go over the heads of all of these elites, all of this establishment, speak directly to the people and bring them on to his side. That's Ron DeSantis... Ron DeSantis is someone that you can count on that you can be proud of and who will relentlessly put wins on the board."

Ron DeSantis, DeSantis Campaign Press Release - WTAS: DeSantis Prepares for Fourth Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/370668

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