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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - WTAS: About Ron DeSantis Ahead of the 3rd Debate

November 08, 2023

"In light of the sweeping losses for Republicans last night, we need a proven winner." "I think we can win big with Ron DeSantis."

MIAMI, Fla. — Ron DeSantis will enter the third GOP debate on the heels of a historic endorsement from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and will present his vision for America's revival.

Here's what they are saying:

Pete Snyder on NewsNation: Ron DeSantis has called for President Trump to join the debate stage, every single day for the past two weeks, the former president won't do it. I think it's a disservice to voters. He doesn't want to be there. He doesn't want to defend his record and turning over the country to Tony Fauci. But I don't think there's going to be a balancing act at all for Ron DeSantis. He's going to do what he does, which is look the American public in the in the eyes and the voters in the eyes, tell them what he's done and accomplished in Florida, and what is more so, he's going to do to take a country that's in decline right now and turn it around. The world is on fire right now. He's going to make sure that we're not in wars without a real goal, and without a real purpose. He's going to bring peace and prosperity to this country. I think that's going to make him win in Iowa next year and win the nomination.

Carly Atchinson on Fox LiveNOW: [Trump] is unwilling to show up and answer those questions. That's a reflection on him. That doesn't change Ron DeSantis, his debate strategy in terms of laying out his vision for the American people. But it certainly says something about Donald Trump. This is somebody by the way, who used to invite debates and wanted to take people on. I mean, what happened? Now he can't even show up to debate and defend his record. I think the American people are picking up on that. They want somebody who's going to fight for them. They want somebody who's not going to bring all the baggage and make it about them or their personal issues. They want somebody who's going to get into office, reverses country's decline, reverse Bidenomics and get the country back on track. And that's Ron DeSantis. And he's going to make that case to the American people tonight.

Hal Lambert on Fox Business: Yeah, no, I don't think it's make or break. I think it'll do extremely well. And he's very prepared … They hold super majorities in both houses in Kentucky. They have all the down ballot races. So it's a red state. Look, I think that the outlier was the fact that Trump stepped in and endorsed and that's what happened in all these close races in that last time in 2020. To look at the Senate races, look at Herschel Walker, look at Dr. Oz. Look at Arizona, Nevada. We lost those Senate races. They were all Trump endorsements and we got we got swept in here. It happened again in Kentucky.

Campaign Manager James Uthmeier on NBC News: The difference between him and everybody else is he doesn't just fight, he wins. He wins big over and over and over again. He'll come in tonight, he'll talk about his vision, people will again be reminded of all the many victories he's had - namely a 20-point victory last year during a night that was kind of disappointing for Republicans when a red wave did not arrive. Yet, he still led Florida to a tremendous victory. They'll see that tonight. And then going forward as candidates continue to face challenges and drop out of the race, he has the biggest infrastructure, the biggest team, the most resources in a state that's going to make a big difference, and that's Iowa.

Rep. Chip Roy on ABC News: I think what you'll see from the governor is a clear indication from him about why he's the best candidate. Since the last debate, we've seen more evidence of it. Not only have we seen the governor do what he did in response to the hurricane in Florida again, Hurricane Ron DeSantis, who gets it done and builds bridges and helps people and gets electricity and power back up, you had the governor step in when frankly, this president, the current administration, is MIA. And he went over and got out thousands of Americans out of Israel. He stood up and he did the hard work as a governor to go take action. That's what I think you're going to see out of the governor tomorrow night. I think you'll see a very clear delineation by the governor about him versus some of the other candidates on the stage. Governor Haley, for example, and others, but also the former president. The former president should not be immune from criticism of his record or statements he's made or his electability just because he refuses to show up. I mean, I don't know, I guess it's a long drive from Mar a Lago to Miami. Oh, wait, oh, no, he's choosing to do a rally instead, because he doesn't want to have to go head to head with Governor DeSantis because government says his track record is so strong.

Campaign Manager James Uthmeier on ABC News: Americans are suffering. Today, you got to make six figures to be able to buy your first home. And that's not the world we live in. We've got to restore the American Dream. And Ron DeSantis has proven time again, he doesn't just fight but he wins. And ultimately, in light of the sweeping losses for Republicans last night, we need a proven winner. Last night was all to eerily similar to election night from last year when that red wave we were all told about. It didn't happen, except in one place - in Florida. It happened in Florida, Ron DeSantis had a sweeping 20 point win, and he brought in legislature with him to turn Florida, deep red to then deliver all the results on the economy on unlawful immigration.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner on Sirius XM: I think he's really his best advisor. Let DeSantis be DeSantis would be my advice to him, go with your gut. It's a good gut. What happened in COVID. You looked at what happened after some of the rioting that happened around the country and a lot of those Democrats I mentioned and independents that supported him, felt like he got our economy back open. He saved their jobs. In the case of public safety, he kept them safe when other cities were set ablaze. He has the ability, and has the message … get to 20% with just Republicans but Democrats and independents as well. I hope that that will come through again, I know it will. And I hope when people get to the ballot box, they realize, look, we can't eke out an electoral college victory over a weak Joe Biden, we've got to actually win big. I think we can win big with Ron DeSantis.

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez on Fox LiveNOW: What you're going to see is the governor is going to be able to differentiate himself from every other candidate in the race on the Republican side. Whereas the previous president was locking down businesses was telling states do not open up, don't get kids back in the classroom, was bowing down at the altar of Fauci, Governor DeSantis stood strong. He countered a lot of that narrative that was permeating throughout the country, both in Republican and Democrat circles. In addition, the amount of debt that we incurred as a country, we continue to talk about the national debt and the implications it has on us, our children, our grandchildren, and future generations. The governor has shown that he's governed fiscally conservatively. We've built up record budget reserves. We have made sure to bring tax relief to Floridians making sure that our economic policies make sense for everyday hardworking Americans. He can be able to differentiate himself both on his record on his vision for this country. He's the only candidate that is a veteran. He's a young father. He understands what's at stake. He understands that we need to reverse American decline. What has happened under the administration of Joe Biden is an utter disaster. Everywhere at the border, from the Bidenomics, inflation, pain at the pump, we need a new fresh start. We need a leader that can deliver, that has a record of achievement, and has a vision for this country that he cares so deeply about.

Dan Eberhart on NewsNation: You see last night that the Republican Party needs help. It needs a strong leader and it needs someone that can carry stuff over the finish line. And Governor DeSantis has got a proven track record of doing that in Florida. He's got a proven track record of accomplishing things in Florida. And he wants to bring that to the country and show people what the future of conservatism can look like.

Ron DeSantis, DeSantis Campaign Press Release - WTAS: About Ron DeSantis Ahead of the 3rd Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/370888

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