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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Tim Scott Keeps Siding with Kamala Harris on the Florida's African American History Curriculum

September 27, 2023

Tim Scott is again promoting Kamla Harris' lie about Florida's African American history standards in a weak effort to score political points.

The Scott-Harris lie about Florida's African American History standards has already been debunked.

  • Florida's African American history education standards are the most robust in the country. They were developed by a diverse panel of thirteen educators and academics.
  • Dr. William Allen, a member of Florida's African American History Standards Working Group and himself a descendant of slaves, has debunked Kamala Harris' lie about the standards on numerous occasions.
  • Even Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, who was the first to attack the curriculum standards, has now reversed his position.
  • Donalds said in a recent NewsNation interview, "[Florida's standards] are reasonable, they are appropriate, they are robust."

After being ridiculed on the right for parroting Harris' lie, Tim Scott last month trotted out an updated version of his false-attack that is even more ridiculous than the original. Scott is claiming that DeSantis and Harris both "signed off" on the same curriculum. That is false. As Fox noted last month, DeSantis rejected the curriculum that Scott is claiming he signed off on.

  • "When asked to clarify what he meant when he said DeSantis and Harris 'both signed off on the 'same curriculum,' Scott's campaign pointed to Harris' past defense of the AP African American Studies course that the DeSantis administration rejected in January for its "woke" content.

In fact, when DeSantis in January rejected the College Board's AP African American Studies course due to it containing lessons on "queer theory," the White House called it "incomprehensible." DeSantis ultimately won the battle when the College Board later stripped its curriculum of political ideology.

Who was silent throughout the entire episode as DeSantis fought the Biden Administration from imposing a political agenda on our kids? Tim Scott.

Scott is throwing around multiple different versions of the same false attack because he can't hide the fact that he stands shoulder to shoulder with Kamala Harris on the debate stage tonight.

One reason our country is in decline is because establishment Republicans all too often accept false narratives and lies that are perpetrated by the Left. Governor DeSantis is defending the state of Florida against false accusations and lies. He doesn't back down in the face of attacks, which is precisely why he will make a strong president.

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