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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - IN THE NEWS: Governor Kim Reynolds and Governor Kevin Stitt: DeSantis-Newsom debate will offer America two different visions

November 29, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt penned an op-ed published in the Washington Examiner today titled "DeSantis-Newsom debate will offer America two different visions." Read the full piece below.

DeSantis-Newsom debate will offer America two different visions
Gov. Kim Reynolds and Gov. Kevin Stitt
Washington Examiner
November 29, 2023

When Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) takes the stage Thursday evening to debate Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), viewers will be presented with two starkly different visions for America's future: revival or decline.

On one side is Newsom, whose destructive governance forced record numbers of Californians to flee the state as it descended into chaos, violence, and decay. On the other side stands DeSantis, who has led Florida to new heights through times of crisis and division.

People already side with DeSantis and revival — they have voted with their feet. Under Newsom, California's population declined for the first time in history, while DeSantis's leadership made Florida the fastest-growing state in the nation.

Why take on Newsom, then? Thursday's debate will showcase what is at stake in 2024.

DeSantis, who is running for the GOP presidential nomination, won't back down from an opportunity to expose the Left's agenda to destroy America. He'll take the arrows and jabs from Newsom so he can talk to the public about how he'll deliver results. Just like he did for the people of Florida — every promise he made, he kept. He took on big fights and delivered big wins.

As the governors of Iowa and Oklahoma, we watched DeSantis prove that conservative principles and fearless leadership provide a blueprint for our nation's comeback. In Iowa, we also chose freedom over lockdowns and mandates during the pandemic, passed a universal school choice program, protected unborn Iowans with a heartbeat bill, cut bureaucracy, and strengthened parental rights protections.

In Oklahoma, we brought spending under control while unleashing economic growth through pro-energy policies. We kept the state open during COVID, passed one of the strongest school choice programs in the country, and successfully championed strong legislation to protect women, children, and the unborn. As with DeSantis in Florida, these achievements in our states resulted in decisive victories last year and stood as a model for Republicans nationwide.

DeSantis has shown he can translate his successes in Florida into a plan for national renewal. He has promised to build the wall and secure the border, cut inflation and support working families, and protect school choice and parents' rights nationwide. He will end the weaponization of our justice system, drain the swamp, and restore a single standard of justice through accountability. His administration will prosecute criminals, hold rogue prosecutors accountable, and clean up our streets. His economic policies will reinforce American innovation and energy dominance, securing our nation's future. He will strengthen and depoliticize our military, take care of our veterans, and ensure our foreign missions are targeted and decisive. He will counter China's aggression, stand by Israel, and ensure that the 21st remains an American-led century.

DeSantis is the most effective leader we have witnessed as governors. And if he can do for this country what he did in Florida, America's revival is just on the horizon.

DeSantis is the only candidate who can get the job done, especially in a possible matchup against Newsom. Newsom ran California into the ground despite its natural beauty, resources, and impressive history. Rather than fixing the state for its own people, Newsom only takes action when adversarial leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping show up to visit. Were Newsom to replace President Joe Biden at the top of the Democrat ticket, we expect the same results and the same treatment for our citizens on a national scale.

People will see their choices in 2024 on display this week. Will our country embrace the failed Biden-Newsom model, inviting more crime, inflation, regulation, illegal immigration, and far-left social policies? Or will we follow the DeSantis vision to revive our cities, grow our economy, and support our nation's families?

As DeSantis draws contrasts with Newsom and the Left's destructive ideology, DeSantis will prove once again that he's the fighter who will lead our country's comeback.

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