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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Ron DeSantis' Saturday Swing Through Iowa

November 18, 2023

DES MOINES, IA - With the Iowa Caucus just 58 days away, Ron DeSantis is back in the Hawkeye State for another multi-day swing. After today's events, DeSantis has now notched 94 counties as he closes in on completing the "Full Grassley."

Saturday was a big day for Team DeSantis - the official opening of the new campaign Iowa headquarters in Urbandale. The DeSantis family, along with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, toured the office and greeted supporters from the area. DeSantis and Mason played catch outside before the event kicked off.

During a press gaggle after the event, DeSantis reacted to Nikki Haley's comments at the Thanksgiving Forum Friday night and explained how there is no such thing as "your truth," only THE truth:

"Her answers last night did not go over well with the crowd. You know, when you're talking about my truth—no it's not your truth or this person's truth. There's THE truth, and we've got to be grounded in the truth and not be involved in saying that everyone has their own."

Also during the gaggle, Kim Reynolds explained why she is supporting Ron DeSantis for president:

"The math is there. The ground game is there, the engagement, the excitement, the policy, the record. It's about the FUTURE of this country, not the past."

After the office opening, DeSantis boarded the campaign bus and delivered remarks at three additional meet and greets.

The first meet and greet was at a Pizza Ranch in Pella. Madison DeSantis had a message for everyone: "God bless Iowa!" she said.

After that, Ron and Casey DeSantis, along with Madison, Mason, and Mamie, stopped at Jaarsma's Bakery for some treats on the road.

The next meet and greet was at Vine Coffeehouse and Eatery in Ottumwa where DeSantis discussed the key contrasts between him and Nikki Haley. DeSantis said:

"Nikki Haley is a liberal Republican...That's on video, and you guys can look it up. She has supported funding things like the United Nations. I would defund the United Nations. She tried to raise the gas tax in South Carolina when she was governor. I oppose doing that. In fact, we did rebates on gas tax and rebates on tolls in the state of Florida. We've helped deal with Bidenflation. She has accepted liberal narratives on a whole bunch of things. When the BLM riots happened, the George Floyd riots, I called out the National Guard. I was not going to let that happen in Florida. I stood by the police. She said that it needed to be personal and painful for each and every American. Why would it need to be personal painful for you? You had nothing to do with it? Did you tell that cop to do anything? Of course not. It's just buying these ridiculous narratives. And so I think it's clear what she's trying to do. It's just not something that is going to sell."

The final meet and greet was at Church of Christ in Indianola.

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